Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Musical Furniture

It all started with these two pieces....
The one on the left was a changing table I found on FB Yardsale. I got it after getting rid of a long dresser that took up way too much space.  I added the two baskets and took off the changing station part, patched holes and painted.  But it still wasn't storing all that I wanted it to.  So then I found the piece on the right and had to do some work on it too.  I still wasn't happy with how much space was being used and it didn't hold everything I needed to either.

I moved the piece on the left to the laundry room.

Perfect!  It was way smaller than the cabinet I had originally, but held everything plus more.  I plan on making a little ruffled curtain to hide all of the stuff on the bottom, later.

But I really LOVE it!

Then I moved the "back room" around and thought "why do I need to store my blankets back here"? 
I have many closets!

I moved one of these end tables in between the two chairs.  Now I was able to move the armoire to another spot.  
I love moving furniture around!

The little chair finally found a spot to rest in...I tell ya, I've had it everywhere and not been very happy.  Now I am!

And the basket stand found it's perfect spot too!

Now I feel at peace...

And as for the white chest....someone will enjoy it besides me.



  1. Melanie,
    It all looks so great. I love to move furniture around too. It is a great way to get change. I love that dresser!!!!!

  2. Everything looks so pretty! You're lucky that your style rings true throughout your home so you can play musical furniture any time you want.

  3. Melanie- That looks just terrific. You have pieces that are so versatile that you can move them anywhere. Lucky you and I LOVE that dresser. Everything is SO pretty- xo Diana

    1. That is one good thing about doing all white pieces...but the hubby and the girls get tired of playing sometimes, lol!

  4. I LOVE this arrangement--it makes the room seem so much bigger. It's perfect...until you get tired of it and come up with ANOTHER perfect way. :)

  5. Sweet Melanie, everything look so wonderful. The chests turned out great. Your home is very lovely and comfortable. Your laundry room looks so good - wish mine didn't look like Home Alone's scary basement. That my next project when it cools off. You have given me some great ideas.
    Have a Happy Weekend.


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