Sunday, June 23, 2013

More chalk paint

I just cannot pass up a great deal!
I found this little gem on my favorite place to look...facebook yardsale.

The lines drew me in...I just knew it could be beautiful!  You all ever have a vision and just know what something will look like when you finish it?  Well, that was me when I saw this!

I know you know what I did next...
Yep!  Whipped up some chalk paint and went to town!
Wouldn't this be a nice cabinet for a tv?

One knob was missing so I added the glass knobs.  They make everything look so much prettier!

The detail is perfect...kind of simple but with a touch of the perfect shabbiness.

Now on to another project.  I got this little beauty for a free swap from a sweet lady.  I thought this chair was just absolutely beautiful!

I carried her all over the house looking for a place to put her with no luck.  She just didn't fit in with all of my white.  After saying that I was not going to paint her, I finally broke down and did it.  

Loved it!  But then I noticed that 
there was blue on the seat, like it was blue jeans or something.  I got my woolite cleaner and went to town scrubbing it.  I did the back and the arms too, but the seat
turned more blue!!! 

My heart sank....I cleaned it again and it turned even more blue.  I knew it had to have something under the tapestry  and I wasn't about to rip out all of those tacs to fix it.    So guess what I did?

More chalk paint...I am smiling really BIG right now because I know that some people are calling me crazy!
But hey, it was free and needed some work.  Not like it was in perfect condition and worth lots of money.  
For now, I am trying to find the perfect spot for her and planning on keeping it.
So stay tuned to see what else I decide to paint and where she'll end up.


  1. Melanie,
    Love the cabinet. It will make a cute tv cabinet. Love the fix to the chair too. You go girl it is all so great.

  2. What's up with that chalk paint's crazy stuff! LOL! Great job and I just ADORE that chair!

  3. Beautiful cabinet and I love the chair, Melanie! The fabric is beautiful, too. It's to bad that blue showed up. How weird, too, because you can't see it in the first picture.

    1. It broke my heart...but at least the back stayed perfect. If you look closely, wou'll see it on the right front and then on the seat to the sides. It was on the tan part. It was definitely a learning experience, lol!

  4. I love it! Both of them.... I am going to have to give fabric painting a try.

    Amy Jo

  5. What a sweet little cabinet! Great for a TV or bedside table! Great solution to the chair! The frame looks much better in white and there really was nothing else you could do for the cushion. It looks so pretty now! Hope you find the perfect spot for it! Hugs, Leena

  6. Hi Melanie, I have ? did you paint the fabric I like to know how you do that I like to do the same with my I have the same Chair with flower
    Your look so nice!!!!

    1. Yes I did paint it Isora...with a recipe of homemade chalk paint. It's 1 Cup of flat paint(your choice of color) and 1 TBS of "unsanded" grout. Just paint it on your fabric then after it dries completely, you then sand. You can also add a wax after letting it cure for 24 hours. Minwax will work, it's sold at Lowes. If you wish to spend a little more...Annie Sloan has great chalk paint in many different colors and she has the waxes too. I just do white most of the time so I just mix my own since I use it a alot.

  7. Beautiful!!! Need to buy some Chalk Paint ;-)...

  8. Just got home from vacation so popping in to say Hi! My neighbor bought that exact same chair in 1980 and paid $350 for it way back then. Gorgeous- I LOVE it painted-It's perfect now~ xo Diana

  9. Love the cabinet. What a great tv stand. Great way to update the chair - sometimes you just need to paint everything!
    Have a wonderful week,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn


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