Wednesday, February 1, 2012

~Old/New Fireplace~

We started with an old door that I would not get rid I know why...

Here is the door already cut for the sides and the bedposts from a bed that was mine as a child....

An old coffee table that we ripped apart.  We used the front and sides for the mantle.....

And here is the man that makes it all happen,  how I love him so.....

TaDaaah......the finished project to hide that old ugly wall mount gas stove that we only use when the power goes out.  It sure has come in handy! 

 A few years ago, our heating part went out on our heating /cooling unit.  Instead of going into debt...we decided to wait until our taxes were done to pay for a whole new unit.  We have another wall mount downstairs along with this one that heated our home for 3 months. 

Now it isn't as much an eye sore.  I plan to paint the stove white with a high heat paint that'll be another project to come.  Stay tuned....

I added moulding to the didn't look finished to me until I did.  Ahhh, much better!  Love it...and the curtains I already had.  So this total project cost me a big FAT zero!

The hall where it is...this is the view from our livingroom.  Now isn't that a much prettier view?


  1. Awesome job Melanie! I love the look. You have a good man.

  2. Wow Melanie, that was a nice project and it turned out really great! You two do good work together! Are you the "gopher" go for this go for that!! LOL.. I always am when we do a project!

  3. Only you MEL, could make something like that a fabulous focal point. Love Mike working in his jammie bottoms. hehe. So cute.

  4. That is so cool!!!!! My hubby always works in his pjs and then forgets and runs to lowes and I have to remind him to put on REAL pants...

  5. Stunning!! What a great guy to have beside you!! The view is perfect now from those other gorgeous rooms!!!

  6. Thanks ladies....Mike is definitely a keeper as I say...even though we bicker all the while we are making something. I guess that's what has made our marriage so strong...cause we laugh afterwards and make fun of eachother for it. Plus the kissing and making up isn't too bad either.

  7. That is a fantastic idea. Very creative solution to something you didn't like looking at.

  8. Wow! Never would have thought of that. Looks great!

  9. Fantastic project! Looks great!

  10. Wow, that fireplace mantel is gorgeous Melanie !! I just found your blog through Facebook, I've been a big fan of your house through Rate My Space !! I'd love to follow your blog now also !!
    XoXo ~

  11. this is so awesome, melanie!--and pretty! your husband did a great job!

  12. My birthday is on 2/02 ground hogs day! Nice to see you also celebrate on that day too!

    Love all the pink and shabby chic is my all time favorite style. I just became a follower and invite you to follow me at Decorated Chaos.


  13. Awesome idea!! Looks great.
    What prompted this creative idea?!


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