Thursday, February 2, 2012

~Ground Hog Day~ Our 21 wedding anniversary

After 21 years of marriage...we still love eachother.  I think more today than that day we both said "I do."

We've both become a little fluffy after all these years, lost some hair and gained a few wrinkles. 

But we still kiss eachother every morning and every night.

And we owe it all to HIM.....we would have never made it without Jesus helping us along the way. 

So when we go to bed in this sweet place , we always try and say that we love one another with a kiss and a hug.  I love you sweetie...more today than ever!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Melanie!What a beautiful retreat you've created! My sweet Prince and I celebrated 36 years in September! I don't know where the years have gone...and we never would have made it past the first 5 if it weren't for the Lord!
    Wishing you many more years of blessings together!

  2. Thank you so much Kathleen...the Lord can really make marriages wonderful if we just let Him. Congratulations on the 36years...what a blessing! So glad you stopped in!

  3. wow melanie, (don't know if you remember me or not, i'm morningglory from RMS)someone just posted a photo of a room they liked on their facebook page, and i immediately recognized it as your master bedroom from what must be 2 yrs ago on RMS!!.....funny, but for some reason, my recollection was that was your mother's room, not your's, lolol...either way, i just wanted to tell you that i just read your facebook page profile(opps forgot to ''like you'' over there, but will go back and do that in a minute...and did not at all know you'd been ill!...just freaked me out so much to see such a dear woman with her 2 girls be that were always such a strong person in RMS, just took me by such suprise is all.....i'm so so so glad you are better and i'm sorry to have just discovered you all again on the web, but very grateful to see you are all ok and i've now joined your blog!....i'm a total ditz at blogging, and hopefully my profile is showing as "littlesusiescottage"...that's my blog and facebook name, but i never did but one blog so far, lolol.....but i'm here and hopefully, if i did this right, am now your newest follower!!! LOLOL...can't wait to see your future posts and hopefully i'll be able to figure out comments and such on blogging, so far facebook seems to be easy, but blogspot has confused the ever lovin' outta me! lol......anyways, love susie and so glad you are well now and back to doing what you do best <3

  4. Why yes I do Little happy that you joined me. I left a message on your blog and became your newest follower. So happy to talk to you in a much nicer environment!

    1. HAHAHA...i came over here and forgot i was already a member!...for some reason, my blog does not show my comments at times, even though they come into my email box as an alert.....i guess i saw you wrote me, went to my blog and didn't see it, and thought you'd written me on facebook....just this morning your comment showed up on my blog and your following me now, thank you! and i came over to joins your's...and see i already did.......TOLD YOU I"M A BLOG DIZT!! Lol...i guess i've been yacking at ya on facebook all week :)....dont' know how to put the ''facebook'' likie on a sidebar either, but i may try to go learn and if i do figure it out, i'll come get you on one of your sites...lololl<3

    2. melanie, i figured out how to put the facebook likie!!...start laughing because it worked, i signed out of blogger, went to my facebook wall, and didn't even have time to go to my own wall to see if it was on there, when i spied a new message...opened it up and it was one of my facebook friends ''liking'' my link i'd just put on my wall by using my "liking this on facebook" button i just i knew it worked...... LOLOLOLOL....

      makes you feel like you stick your toe in the blog pool and someone pushes you in though!!....slow down world!! lol...i havn't even got my swimmies on yet! or fluffed up the ruffles just right on my bloggin' bikini! lol....not that anyone wants to see susie grams here in a bikini, lololol.....'s how you do it...hope it works for you too:

      1)open up your profile upper right where it says "design"...

      2)once that opens up, push edit or maybe you don't have to push edit, but if so, get to edit! (lost already? me too, let's stop here at this next exit, cause dat dere billboard said "icecream next exit" mommy! lol)

      3)your profile layout should be in front of you in like brown boring tones, at this point, it's very important to try not to fall asleep, LOL

      4)ADD GADGET:look at your right side by where you have your profile/followers, and see that little "add gadget" at the top of those little horizontal bars? CLICK IT WOMAN! LOL

      5) will open up and give you a list of possible through that and see NOTHING YOU WANT!! lololol, so look on the left side and see "more gadgets" that it will give you more options

      6)in other words, you will find the "like this on facebook" gadget option on page #2 of gadgets to choose from, so to speak....ok? ok....

      7)in mine, it gave me a duo-gadget of "like this on facebook/like this on twitter" brave and ----> CLICK IT WOMAN!!! lololol

      8)stay on that "editing page" and look at your little righthand side now...

      9)you can drag that new gadget to be where it put it, or above your followers or anywhere on that righthand side of your blog layout...NIFTY!....DRAG IT WOMAN!! lol is this joke getting old? no prob, we're almost done!

      10)put it where you want and be brave knowing you can always come back and delete it later if you mess up ;0

      11)SAVE YOUR very important

      then leave that page...sign out of blogger, so you can check to see if people who are NOT YOU, can use it...

      go to your blog as "little melanie, not signed in to my blog, just looking around web world OH LOOK NICE BLOG I THINK I"LL SAVE IT TO MY FACEBOOK WALL"

      CLICK "like it on facebook" ....hopefully there will be a button on your blog wall to do this!

      if not....please refer to icecream exit idea and we'll try again later :)

      let me know if it works.....susie <3

  5. Happy Anniversary to a sweet couple!!

  6. Getting married on Groundhog's Day ensures that I'll never forget the date--you must have gotten your smarts from your mama!

  7. I cannot believe this is the same house. I'm bowled over. WHAT a TRANSFORMATION. Its absolutely stunning. Drop dead gorgeous would be better terms. You and Your husband are amazing. You should be busting your buttons with sheer pride. Wow Wow Wow.


  8. I know I am late, but Happy Anniversary. What a sweet post! I am visiting from Debbie doos, and I love your home! I love your style!!! Are you a decorator? I wish you lived in AL so you could help me around here!!! I love Shabby Chic.

    I am your newest follower.

    Ricki Jill


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