Friday, February 24, 2012

~A little room for Mama~

This little room used to be our youngest daughter's room before we decided to move downstairs and give her our room for much needed room for a growing young girl.

Now it is a guest room usually for my Mama.  I added the chair because she had hinted that the bed was too high for putting her shoes on.  So my quest began to find another chair small enough for this little room.

So....this little chair was perfect!  The only problem was that it was in my master bedroom downstairs.  I began to search my favorite site for something else and this is what I found for $40!

I know what you are's pink...perfect for Melanie!
It was that pukey shade of mauve that was so popular years ago that I can't stand!
I haven't been in the mood to sew, so I began looking for a slipcover for it online.  Gasp...something I never do!  But guess what?  To my surprise the one that I took a chance on was just perfect!  I was tickled PINK with it!  Plus I had to paint the legs on the chair for it to look like this...

Doesn't it look really good?  It's my chair downstairs.  Now back to the guest room...

I had to move my sewing machine, it used to be in the spot of the chair.  Thank goodness it fit!  Think Mama has enough chairs now?

She'll have plenty of room for a drink for those "dry mouth nights" we all have.  And an alarm clock to wake by...what more could she want?

Well...she did ask for a mirror...

And the TV is just a perk...she didn't ask for that...but the girls like going in here and watching "old" videos of when they were little.  So that's for them...wink wink

And this is my Mama.....right after I came home form the hospital.  She took care of me and my family when I couldn't do it.   I love my Mama!  I thank God for giving me a second chance with her.  She is coming up to do it yet once again.... I have surgery in the beginning of March(so prayers are greatly appreciated).  So what little girl wouldn't want to give her Mama what she so deserves!  She's the best MOM I could ever have...and I can say that now with honesty!



  1. So beautiful! Love what you did to transform it into a pretty, soft, dreamland for guests...especially your lovely mother! How sweet!!! :)

  2. Wow every square inch is dreamy! Nothing like having you mother around when you aren't well and yours is pretty special. Another gorgeous room!!!

  3. Great room, Melanie! I love the wood cornice on the window. I like your little chair! I had those pukey mauve chairs at one time! The slipcover you found looks good.

  4. Your Mom's room looks beautiful! I love the chair--I liked it pink but I am guessing the color on the computer is showing lighter than it really is. Is the walls a light blue or is that white? I adore the chair you put in your Mom's room. I so enjoy your blog!

  5. You know that I may not leave now that you've completed my wish list, don't you? The room is perfect and the fact that it was created out of love makes it even more special. And, yes, BOTH of us are blessed that the Lord gave us another chance! Love you bunches, punkin!

  6. What a wonderful room! I love it and especially that little chair you found. I had to laugh because I can remember when we ALL LOVED that awful pukey mauve! Everyone had it. We even bought a house that had a mauve bathtub.

    I am so glad that you have such a good Mom. I can tell that you adore each other. I will be saying a prayer for you and your surgery.

    When you get ready for your surgery let me know if you would like me to post a prayer request for you on my blog. I often do that because I believe in the power of prayer. But I don't like to do it unless the person wants it "out there". Blessings- xo Diana

  7. I LOVE that chair! Heck, I love the whole room! Is there nothing in your house that is less than pretty?!

  8. What a beautiful room for your mother!

    I will remember you during your upcoming surgery and recovery.

  9. This room is just beautiful, Melanie. Great wall color. If I was your Mom, I'd never want to leave! lol

  10. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. It touched me very much. I know she will love that lovely, lovely room with all the 'ammenities' (smile). Melonie you will be in my prayers. I'm so glad that your mom can come to help you out. I know...I have 6 married daughters and a husband with cancer. I know of your good mothers heart and love for you. My family is my life and I knows hers is too.

    Its neat you got the chair and slipcover. I am surprized you didn't actually make the cover. As a matter of fact I am in shock. LOL LOL. All of it is like an ethereal dream. Your whole house is. A respite of serenity , peace and comfort.
    Thanks for a very special story and a beautiful room to boot.

    Hugs to you,


  11. Oh Melanie, this is such a sweet post:-) LOVE this room too. I wish my girls had separate rooms because my little one would love this style. Love the chair, and I know you just have the best mom. What a wonderful relationship you two have. You are both blessed beyond measure:-)

  12. I love your beautiful room, and your lovely story. Very inspiring!

    The chair is charming! ( I remember the mauve event...I too have a hard time decorating with that color ever since! hahaaa )
    I will keep you in my prayers for your upcoming surgery and recovery.

  13. You are blessed to have such a caring mother. I'm sure she loves coming to stay in that beautiful room!

  14. Your Mama is a lucky lady in more ways than 1 Melanie. Love this room. Perfect retreat for a special Mom, and a special guest!~

  15. Oh I love this and I love your Mom and you both!
    This is a sweet room and I bet she loves visiting!
    I pray for your surgery to go well and uneventful!!

  16. I have been away from the computer for a good week, and I can see I've missed TONS on here. I love the slipcover. I need to do two similar chairs, and I haven't found one that I like as much as the fit on yours. Did you say where you got it? I need to look back and check.

    Also, I love the pink dyed chairs around the table in the next post. I haven't worked with Rit for years. Now, you have me looking around here to find something to dye.

  17. Sweet daughter of adorable mom... I am happy that I have such nice friends in my life with such a distance... Room looks so pretty Melanie.... Wish you health and happiness with your family...
    Hope you will enjoy a visit at
    With love

  18. I have always loved this room and I love your Mamma too!! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful and caring Mom. Love you both!!!

  19. Melanie, absolutely beautiful. You are indeed very blessed to have your Mom with you. Will be praying for you that all goes well with your surgery.


  20. Such a pretty room. I am sure your Mom will be very happy there. Blessing to you.
    Audrey Z. Timeless Treasures.

  21. What a sweet room, for a sweet lady.
    You are both blessed.
    Hope all goes well with the surgery.

  22. Hello, I just found your blog from Debbiedoo's, and I just found her blog also - two new great blogs in one day!!! Oh, how I love all of the changes you have made in your wonderful home. You have given me the courage to pick up a paintbrush and start removing all the poor paint choices I made years ago - I just love how bright, light and cheery your home is! I have gotten so many ideas from you, thank you for great posts!


Thank you so much for stopping in...I love hearing from you! Hugs, Melanie