Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sewing, Crafting and Laughing

Things around here are never boring for me.  There is always something to do, create and laugh about.  First, I will start off with how my sweetheart tried to be of some help by refilling our soap dispenser.  Wasn't he sweet in doing that?

When I seen that it had been refilled, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why the soap was so blue.  I asked what soap he had used and his response was the soap in the cabinet.  My nose has been stuffy, but today, I smelled ammonia.  That's when I knew what he had done, lol!

No wonder my hands were getting so dry!  I have laughed all evening!

Now for the sewing part....

I had been wanting to make curtains for under the bench.  So I used some Bella Rose blue fabric I had left over and made some.  I really like it!

I also made a curtain for the mantle insert.  Sorry I don't have a better photo of the whole curtain.  I'll get one later.

When I start sewing, I don't want to stop.  So I decided to make some new shades for downstairs, then I ended up making one for upstairs too.

 Here are the ones I made for downstairs and painted a lamp.  The shade on the blue ball lamp wasn't made by me, I bought it that way from ebay.

I had some vintage shades that were dry rotted.  They have the prettiest lines!

I used some of the candy pink Shabby Chic fabric for the shade.  It definitely added some sweetness to this corner!

I love the British Rose fabric on these shades!  I have so many and they all look lovely against the blue walls.

I had a mess to clean up , but I ended up doing some crafting instead.

I bought this white felt heart at Michaels.  All they had were red and white so I decided to use some Rit Dye I had to make it pink.  

After allowing it to dry over night, it turned out perfectly!

I found this gorgeous Peony at Pier One during Christmas.  Then I found the mercury glass vase and the wooden heart at Michaels.  The heart got a makeover with some white and pink paint.

It looks so cute in the cloche' I made from a light fixture.  I am just having so much fun with Valentine's Day this year!

And I've been baking and cooking but you'll just have to imagine all of that since we ate it all!

I found these red hearts at Michaels and decided to make my own wreath from a pine Christmas wreath that I shaped into a heart.  Everything is so drab outside, having the pine and the red makes it feel so inviting when you enter onto the porch.

I added them everywhere, even on the garland hanging from the roof.  But I couldn't get any good photos of them, so you'll have to imagine that too.

The red Valentine Heart pillow is one that I made in clothing class in middle school.  I loved sewing then and still do today!

The pine trees I made were perfect for those red hearts!

They just look so stinkin' cute!

Have you had any fun,like I have,with decorating for Valentines Day?  I hope so!

Now I'm ready for some Valentines candy, how about you?


  1. It is so pretty, Melanie. Everything you do is pretty! I love visiting you and seeing what you are up to there. Can you share your source for the RA Shabby Chic material you purchase? If not-that's okay. I can't seem to find it anywhere. The Bella Rose blue fabric is one of my favorites.
    Your lampshades all turned out great, too!!
    Hope you have a blessed rest of the weekend. xo Diana

  2. Oh Melanie I wish I had your sewing talents. Love all your creative treasures. The Bella Rose fabric is soooo pretty. LOL about the soap!!! That is something Terry would do too! Have a great new week ahead.

  3. Love the fabric and the shades! Did you use a pattern for the shades? I need to make some. Thank you.

  4. Hi Melanie, your home is so romantic and ready for that wonderful romantic day. I love your shades I need to try and make some for my lamps but I'm really not sure how to do it. Do you have a basic pattern that you use? I would love to know how you go about it. Have a wonderful Sabbath day.
    xoxo Jo

  5. I don't do anything for Valentines so I'm just enjoying your refreshing ideas, thanks for sharing, Sandi

  6. I wish I could come and visit your beautiful home and have a cup of coffee with you. I think we could be great friends.

  7. Hola mi querida hna melanie. Una auténtica gozada para la vista, mirar las diferentes estancias de tu precioso hogar. Se ve muy encantador, muy romántico, muy acogedor. Sencillamente tu hogar me tiene enamorada 😍😍. Digo lo mismo que Lady Pamela, ojalá pudiera visitar tu encantador hogar, pero vivo a millones de kilómetros de distancia, en islas canarias, jeje. Pero me regocija sumamente, que hay una hermana en Cristo allá en la distancia, que tiene un blog maravilloso y nos comparte de su precioso hogar. Muchos besitos, Dios los bendiga 😙😙

  8. Now that is funny with the soap! at least he tried--lol-- such pretty additions to your home, love it all, Hugs,

  9. Darling reader,

    You have made me laugh and smile today with your wonderful stories, and gentle since of humor. Your husband must love to laugh. AND... you inspired me once more to DO something new in my home. Thank you for giving of your time, energy, and a small part of your life to us.

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