Sunday, August 7, 2016

Nesting Has Begun

I always seem to lose any ambitions with creating and decorating in the summer months...maybe where it gets so hot?  With the cooler breezes we've been having, I am getting antsy  for fall. 
 I think they call it "nesting". 
 wink wink

So today, I woke up with the itch to do something.

It started with this little frame and vases holder I found at Michael's last week.  Instead of sitting it on a surface, I had the bright idea of putting it into this frame.  

I have it up above the trash cabinet.

Then I made the mirror above the wall grate.  Two mirrors from a vanity with a piece of wood attaching the two on the back making them one and added a hanger.  Reminds me of a transom window!

These 3 plaques originally hung beneath the wall I moved them here.  I love the reflection in the mirror.

Then I made the flowers, basket and hanger that's on the door.  It needed something and this did the trick!

And guess what?  Louis didn't help me at all...all he did was gaze out of the window and daydream.  Can you believe that?

I hope your Sunday has been blessed and that you have a great upcoming week!


  1. LOL Melanie I just bought that same flower bottle holder and put it in a vintage frame too on my blog post yesterday. I loved that little bottle holder. Great minds think alike lol! Have a great week.

  2. Melanie this makes me want to go Michaels and see what they have in their store next week! You were a busy lady today! Very nice ideas you came up with!

  3. Hola mi querida melanie, tienes un encanto de hogar, muy romántico, muy acogedor,y lo mejor de todo, que la presencia de Dios está en ese hogar,guardandolo y protegiendolo.Muchos besitos, Dios los bendiga 😙😙

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  5. oh how sweet is this. I love the way you framed your jars. I have been doing some redo's around the house as well because we had a week of cold rainy weather.


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