Sunday, August 28, 2016

How I cut down my Sectional Sofa

Awhile back, I found a sectional sofa for $199.  It was kinda too big for my space, leaving me only one way to have it.  Well, I am not a "one way" kind of gal. I have to have options!

Here it is when we brought it home and after I just covered it up before making a slipcover for it.  See how on one side it is longer than the other? Well, I wanted it the same on both sides.  So....I decided to cut it down!

I rolled it over and peeled back the protective  part to see what I was dealing with.  I knew it was a wood frame so that made it really easy.  The metal bars  braces were screwed in so that made it easy to take apart.  

My sweetie came and helped when I needed his muscles!

This is the parts that we cut off.  We measured everything so the cuts would be even since there were strips of wood all throughout.

Putting the end piece back on.
I made sure to peel back some extra fabric so that when I put it back together, I could make it look nice in case I ever want to get rid of it.

I saved everything I could.

I'm so happy with it!!!

Now it's the same on both sides like how I originally wanted a sectional to be and I have options on moving it around!

All I had to do with the slipcover was cut it down on the one side since I made two slipcovers instead of one.  I thought it would be easier when I needed to I am thrilled that I did that!

As for the ruffles on the bottom, that is a bed skirt that I have wrapped around the sofa.  It used to be on our old sofa, and I made sure I kept it just for this reason.

Originally, I had the settee at the foot of the bed for years.  With the sectional coming out from the wall, I needed to move it.

Our space feels so much more open now!

And now, that gorgeous foot-board can bee seen!

So that's how I did husband thought I was nuts and was going to ruin his comfy new sofa.   Oh how he was wrong, lol!  He should know by now that when I get it into my head, it's going to happen!

I love our master in the basement!  It's a true retreat!

I'm getting ready to do some painting now, the walls have so many holes in them where I've changed the arrangements.  But I am keeping my blue!

I hope you are having a blessed Sunday and may your week be ever better!


  1. Your bedroom looks gorgeous. It needs to be in Romantic Homes magazine. It is very romantic and you are one talented lady.

  2. You just amaze me what a talent 🤗👏

  3. Melanie the two of you teamed up make such beautiful pieces. This is totally awesome and amazing. You go girl!

  4. Felíz semana para ti también mi querida hna melanie. Me encanta vuestro dormitorio, es muy romántico, acogedor, agradable.Todo tu hogar es muy romántico, encantador, acogedor, te felicito por ello. Muchos besitos, Dios los bendiga 😙😙


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