Friday, April 3, 2015

Making More Slipcovers

Well, I am going to try and do a "tiny" photo tutorial that I am hoping will help understand how I make my slipcovers.
 First, make sure you have plenty of fabric to lay over the piece you want to slipcover.  I used a queen sheet on the chair and a king sheet on the sofa.  
Here are the pieces I bought for $100!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it posted on a yard sale site.  You could tell it was in great shape, no sagging in the cushions and the upholstery was in pretty good shape.  I was just hoping when we went to get it that the springs weren't broken down.  I made sure it wasn't in a home with animals or smoking before I committed myself.  Once all that was clear, we went to pick it up and I was so pleased!  Shoulda saw the hubby and I loading a sofa, chair and an ottoman into our Ford Explorer...they fit!

This is where I draped the sheet over the entire chair (if your fabric has a pattern on one side, make sure to lay it face down) inside out.  It didn't go to the bottom on the sides, but I was planning on adding a dust ruffle which would make up for the slight difference.

Start pinning to the shape of the chair once you adjust your fabric to lay in the seat and in the corners.

It's a little overwhelming at first to make corners meet up and figure out how to do it.  But you can see here how I to fit them together.  
Pin before you trim.  

Use your hands to mold the fabric and to make it lay flat as possible before cutting.  Allow at least 2 inches for seam allowance.  I leave more, but go back and trim afterwards.

For a "T" cushion, it is a little more tricky.  But hopefully by the photo, this will help.

I just eyeball the pattern for the arms.  But you can trace it with a pencil onto your fabric to be exact.  Just make sure to do the exact same for the opposite side inside out.  I've made so many mistakes here in the past!  It takes concentration and time, so be ready to think, lol.  

Here everything is pinned and ready to sew.  Notice it is all inside out.  That's the key!

I used an old dust ruffle for the bottom.  Just pin it upside down with the ruffle going up instead of down once the slipcover is put on right side up to your furniture.

I added a ruffle to the top of the cushion and still need to add one to the bottom...but I got tired and my knees were hurting. 
(scrunching my face in pain)

As for the back cushions, I used the pattern for a euro sham and made the back cushions all that way.  So much easier.  For the seat cushions, you lay them on your fabric and trace the pattern then cut making sure to leave a seam allowance.  The seat and back cushions are the easiest to make.

Instead of 2 back cushions, I cut them into 3 equal ones.  I think they tuned out so pretty!

I also used a dust ruffle I had for the sofa.  Wish I had another one for the chair....but that's another project for later.

Thankfully the other ottoman I had was the same size and the slipcover I had made fit the new one perfectly.

I used napkins as the arm covers, so excuse the wrinkles.  WINK WINK

I took off all of the old fabric from the seat and back cushions.  It made the pieces so soft and comfy...and the quilt I used is really soft.  I used a king quilt from TJ Maxx that was $50.  This  makeover cost $177 for all of the sheets, quilt and some back and knee labor!  

Here is what the room looked like before.

The girls hated the settee' I had. They both said the settee made them sit up straight, lol.  I, however loved sitting in it.  But a Momma tries to please her family so the new sofa and chair are so much more comfy.

See, even the hubby approves!

I even used those cheapie end tables in this room.

Perfect for guests!

So don't throw out that old outdated furniture if it is still in great shape.  You can make them into something beautiful once again!

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.  If I can help you save a penny or two, then that will make me super happy!


  1. You make it look so easy! You are super talented Melanie--thanks for sharing how you do it!

  2. Melanie,
    You out did yourself. You have so much talent. I think you need to open up a slipcover business. You rocked it out with the re love of this sofa and chair and ottoman.
    They really look so awesome.

  3. Hi Melanie,
    Wow! You are such an amazing seamstress! I love the couch and chair slipcover makeover - the ruffles are just my taste! And your hubby approves too, how perfect! Thank you for visiting me to tell me about the Blogging site. Happy Easter Sweet Melanie! Karen

  4. Melanie, you are amazing. Do you hire out? lol Everything looks so professional. Have a beautiful Easrer. Jo

  5. Thank you for sharing! I would love to do this to 2 of my chairs! I just may try it!!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing!!! If this shows up twice (sorry)! I love your home, I need to hire you as my decorator, if you ever make it to Louisiana, you are Hired!!! I am going to attempt this. Thanks again, Lynn

  7. Beautiful work. I have a settee just like yours. did you recover it? I have had mine for a few years and am afraid to start on it. Was it hard to do?

  8. thanks for being so generous and sharing your techniques. I'm going to do this with some color.

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  11. Melani u did so well ! Congratulations are very cosy ur place thank u for sharing ur talente !


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