Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Paint, Slipcovers and Appliques

My brain will not shut down, but my knees are, lol!

First, I'll start with a bed that I saw on the way home one day out by the curb.  I stopped and asked if it was free and they said it was trash and yes it was...so guess who snagged it up and loaded it up all by myself?

It didn't have the rails, but with me being a pack rat, I had a few sets and thankfully a queen set!

It sat in the garage for a few weeks until one day I decided to start on it.  I spent the day filling in the gaps with wood filler, sanding, adding moulding and painting.  Of course, I couldn't quit, I had to finish it. Oh my aching back and knees!  But boy did it turn out pretty!  

The flaws of the bed were highlighted by some distressing instead of trying to hide them.  
I love flaws!

See, I love the fact that there are cracks in the veneer.  I wish there were more...

I added the cold porcelain applique . 
(you can click here to find out how I made them)  The perfect little crowning touch, don't ya think?

The legs had these brass things which I am still pondering on the purpose.  But they look great painted and distressed.  
The moulding was missing from the bottom.  Lo and behold, I knew I had some in the garage.

I am tickled PINK with the way it turned out!
I almost didn't beat the rain that day though.

Now that the rain is here to stay all week, so I am sewing.

Mom gave me this light which is battery operated.  I have a thing for those for when the power goes out.  They come in really handy.  We have a generator, but these help out in a pinch.  I don't have to have extension cords everywhere!

Now...for my ,most favorite thing right now.  I bought two of these chandeliers from a yard sale site.  I already had one over my sink, so I jumped on these when I saw them!

The little shades I had made went perfect on this one.  BUT...I have always loved pendant chandelier lighting.   You know, the chandeliers with the barrel shades?

So I had a brainstorm last night.

This is how it turned out!

I had to use the table runner I had made because I didn't have anymore Bella Rose fabric big enough to make a cover.  But I did make a new one.

Just enough fabric left to end it with.  More about that later.  Now back to the new light...
  I can take the cover off if I want to wash it.  But I am thinking of gluing it to get rid of the wrinkles.  Anyway, I am loving it!  

Painting the old shade frame helped.  The old fabric was dry rotted, so it had to go.

I'll take a better photo in the daylight later.  But you get the idea...Colors look all wrong with indoor lighting.  Way to golden no matter how you edit.
So that's what I've been doing, along with a few other projects which I'll share in a few days when this rain stops.  Until then, hope all of you are blessed with healthy knees...wink wink.


  1. oooohh you lucky thing :) super jealous of your roadside find :) and your beautiful shades and table runner :) love! <3 i wish i was brave enough to have such a light colour scheme, but sadly i am just too messy and spill everything haha xx

  2. If the person who threw out that bed could see it now, I bet they would kick themselves. "One person's trash..." certainly applies to you! I loved the small shades on the chandelier over the table, but the new, bigger one is awesome! Your creations never fail to amaze me.

  3. Curbside shopping can be the best!!

    The brass thingies are to cover the holes in the posts that provide access for the bolts that would have held the original rails.

  4. Well dang sweetie, no wonder your knees hurt...you just keep on being busy. I love the bed...I recognized the little plaster piece when I saw it. You have done a fabulous job with your home. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. HELP! HELP!!! Please, Melanie, can you tell me how to attach 'crystals' to a hanging chandelier? You have so many that you have decked out, and I'm wondering if you use nylon line and if so, how do you knot it and keep it from untying? I love all your decorating, and hope you can help me. THANKS A BUNCH!!!

  6. Love the chandelier and the shade. If it isn't taut perhaps a soak in really hot water and put it on wet. The fabric may shrink to fit as most cottons have 3% or more shrinkage. Love the look, may try this in my bedroom with an old fixture!


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