Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sew Simple...Yeah I wish

A few weeks ago while playing with Louis, I noticed he had ripped through some spots on my slipcovers.  Coulda wrung his little neck...he loves to play hide and seek, but gets too rough sometimes.

Isn't he a doll though?  We love him to pieces!

That's when I knew I was going to have to make some new seat covers.  So one evening, I visited Home Goods and saw a beautiful king quilt for $50.  
I thought what a deal!
It was a diamond pattern, a little too modern for my taste, but how could I pass that up?  Then I turned the corner...and found the perfect pattern, same size and price.  That sucker was mine!

A few days later, after measuring and cutting out my pattern and lots of strips of fabric for the pleated ruffles, I started sewing.
I am so pleased with how everything came out!

Here's a close up of the pleated ruffles added to the quilted top...I love them!

One down and 4 more to was a long night, lol.

The next day, I sat and enjoyed what I had finished the "long" night before.

It's funny looking back at how these pieces have gotten better with each new seat cover I've made.  My sewing skills are definitely improving.  Thankfully the main slipcovers have worn well and I haven't had to make new ones.  

A set of napkins work great for the arm much easier that way...less sewing.

Two totally different sofas tied together with the same slipcovers.  Definitely way cheaper than buying new furniture!

The chair got a new makeover too.  Can you believe this chair has had 7 different covers through the years?   I used some quilted shams for the ottoman top and had to piece them together.   But I really am liking the quilted look.

I used some "Shabby Chic" sheets I had left over for the floral part.  It goes so nicely with the Bella Rose Blue fabric.  The pleated ruffles were added to these pieces also.  Cutting the strips to do them all were the longest part.  The sewing was the easy part.

See how they compliment each other?

I am so loving floral patterns this Spring!

  This is the chair we all fight over to sit in...but I always win.  Wink Wink...Mom's always do don't they?

With more of the quilt left overs, I made these round place mats. 

Adding the floral ruffles to the basket liners softened the look so much.

They were perfect for on top of the fridge.

I had just enough of the quit left over to make this ottoman cover.  I didn't, however, have enough of the strips for the pleated ruffles to add to the top.  I'll do something later to it to spruce it up a bit.  

Once I start sewing, I can't stop.  I absolutely love to sew but my knees don't like it when I have to squat and crawl around when cutting and fitting.  

I finally had to make myself stop and put my sewing machine up for awhile.  I went through  3 large spools of thread and countless bobbins. Now I find myself dreaming of what I can sew next....maybe some new shade covers for one of my chandeliers in the little floral pattern.  Oh well...a girl can always dream!


  1. Beautiful. You did a wonderful job and you are good at it! They look perfect! xo Diana

  2. Melanie,
    You have such a great eye and wonderful sewing talents. You are missing your calling to make these slipcovers to sell. You do such beautiful work.
    Happy Week.

  3. Wowza! It's absolutely gorgeous! You are so very talented! Thanks for sharing. Always love to see what you are up to! Very inspiring. (That little cutie pie , Louis, is adorable! :) )

  4. Hi Melanie,
    You are so gifted! I've recently gotten my mother's sewing machine and would love to learn how to sew like you do. You do great work! Beautiful job.

  5. Great job on your slip covers - they are beautiful.

  6. Love your sewing, ruffles and decorating! Tfs,


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