Saturday, March 14, 2015

I'm Still in My Pajamas

Can you believe it is 1:30 on a Saturday and that I am still in my pajamas?  The past couple of days have been crazy!  I am resting today and enjoying my sweet family.  
The hubby had a scare this past week.  He had been having some chest tightness, some dizziness and his head had been hurting off and on...then Wednesday evening when he came home, he laid on the sofa all evening which is unusual for him.  He was complaining about his right shoulder feeling funny and it was going into his neck.   He wouldn't go to the ER, but promised to go to our family DR the next day.  Long story short, he was admitted to the hospital and they ran some tests to make sure it wasn't his heart.  Thank God it wasn't!  We have to follow up with a GI doctor, they think it may be stomach related.  Oh the medical bills we have, they just keep getting bigger and bigger.  But thank my Lord up above that my family is still alive and doing better!

So now I am sharing some photos of how I am longing for SPRING!
You'll be able to tell by all of the flowers I have scattered about...I am not usually one to do that though.

Just enough flowers to make me feel like Spring is here.

I love greenery and simple flowers like hydrangeas the most for inside but I bought these beautiful roses last week and thought they would be lovely in this box on the island.  The little metal bench came from a yard sale site and I painted it white.  It is so CUTE!

I found this beautiful little lamp on a yard sale site also.  It fit perfectly under our cabinets!

Isn't it so pretty?!  Perfectly pink too!

I have a storage room that I keep all of my lovely's's always fun to see what I have stored away.  I've been wanting more pink throughout the kitchen so these work well up against the cream walls.  Adding just the right amount of pink for me.

I put away a little cream cabinet I've had on the counters for years and years.  This little grouping is a nice change.

I found a beautiful arrangement at Home Goods the other day of some white roses.  They look so pretty on the table.  Just simple enough to not be so busy.

Here's where I put the arrangement that was previously on the island.  I really like it here for now.

Look at this darling candy dish with the little bunny!  Can you guess what is inside of it? 
Starbusrt are my very favorite!

Just look at how the sun was shining that pretty coming in the window.  After all of the snow and rain, this sure did perk me up!

I even pulled out some of my Easter decorations....

I hope this Saturday brings all of you many blessings and that you can stay in your pajamas like me!


  1. So glad that it wasn't your husbands heart. I think we all need to stay in our jammies once in a while. Love all the changes you made they look great!
    Have a great rest of the week.

  2. You have me longing for springtime, too! Although I love snow and winter, I'm ready for sunshine and flowers. Your touches have put me in the mood, so get ready to paint!

  3. Hi Melanie I am new to your blog and I love all the wonderful inspiration. I will be around a lot now that I've had a taste of it. Oh, I'm so addicted! LOL Jo

  4. Hi Melanie,
    I love your beautiful home! I am trying to transform our little cottage to white. Hubby wants me to stop adding so much white and I'm wondering if yours complains? We are planning to paint our oak kitchen cabinets white soon and I am very excited. Your new chairs are gorgeous and the ruffles are just my taste. Such beauty! Karen

  5. Melanie, Your house is beautiful. thanks for sharing. Glad to hear it wasn't your husbands heart. What would we do without them? I love the days that I can stay in my pj's all day.

  6. Hi Melanie,
    Your home is looking very pretty and spring like. I know we are all longing for more green and flowers! Hope that your husband gets well soon.


  7. Hi Melanie,
    Glad it was not your hubby's heart and I hope the GI can figure out what is going on. Keeping you in my prayers. Ha ha I was in my pj's till noon today too. Love days like this.

  8. Thanks for inspiring me with each and every post. Happy Sunday!


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