Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sewing, something I LOVE

I started my New Year off with something that I love to do....sewing!

Remember the single ruffled slipcovers I had on these stools?  Well, I added another ruffle instead of making new floral ones.
(I can't commit to a pattern)

I also made new place mats with a little more green and pink along with blue.  I love how they turned out!

Then I made an Austrian shade for this bedroom window.  I originally had a shabby chic shade that I confiscated for the window wall instead of buying another one.

I just used thin elastic and stretched it as I sewed it to the back to get the gathers right.  A pretty easy sewing job this way....

I had a vintage shade frame that I recovered in cotton and some tulle.  I then added some home made roses in clusters with hot glue.  

I got a bad burn from one of the roses....and now I can't feel the tip of my finger, lol.  I told the hubby that I've heard how some people can burn their prints off of their fingers...well, I think I did!

But the shade turned out pretty.  I had a wedding dress pictured in my head as I made it. 
Pictures do not do it justice!

Then I worked on some bunting to add to our canopy bed.  

I thought it needed something up top, but didn't want to add more the bunting did it for me.

I had some fabric left over and found some lace that I had had.  I love not having to go out and buy new stuff.  
Just something simple as this can make a cute difference to something kind of plain and bare.

So there you have what I have been doing.  I hope you all are enjoying your weekend.  I still can't believe it's 2015!


  1. You never cease to amaze me with your creations. BIG sigh. The added ruffles to the chair covers are perfect, and I think the Austrian shade looks great in my bedroom. Of course, the lamp shade is beautiful, but I sure hope that those nasty blisters heal quickly!

  2. All of your new creations are just as beautiful as the ones that you already had...I was wondering, what kinds of fabric do you use for your slipcovers and and things? I was thinking that 100 percent cotton might shrink when it was washed..but after seeing your things I was reconsidering...

  3. Melanie, I just love all your cute things. You have made your home so sweet. Do go burning your fingerprints off.LOL. I know that hurt. Take care, xoxo,Susie

  4. Melanie,
    I wish I had your sewing talent. All the things you sew are so pretty. Happy New Year.

  5. You are such an inspiration! Your home is so lovely. I look forward to seeing things you have done in your home and I'm up doing something to mine shortly after!! Thank you for your Beautiful creation and yourself with us. You are greatly admired


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