Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's that time again....making lampshade slipcovers

It's been a pretty boring time around here with this weather we've been having.  6 degrees this morning, and that is a heat wave compared to what we've had, hahaha!

I've been cooking but that doesn't make me happy like my sewing machine guess what I did last night?

You got it...pulled out the sewing machine and started making new slipcovers for some shades that I wasn't really pleased with.

First I'll start with this one.

When I made this one, for some reason I got off a little and the ruffle wasn't even all the way around.  So I took my iron and scrunched it really good and made it all crinkly.

That worked fine until all of the crinkles started losing their scrunchiness (my own word).

And that really bugged me!

The problem was the fabric, it was way too soft.  So I ripped it apart and added a crisper ruffle and made it all even!  Then some my OCD will let me rest.

Now for this one.  I was inspired with the one in the upper right corner to make one of my own.  It turned out pretty....but the blue wasn't doing it for me.  It reminded me of fruit for some reason. ( I know, fruit isn't blue)  I never was happy with it completely but I just left it alone until last night.  I just couldn't stand it any longer!

Now isn't that much better?  I am at peace now!

I love the bow and how soft the glow is...hey that rhymes! The lace just gave it that finishing touch.

I plan on doing some more sewing today, but I'll need to make a trip to the fabric shop.  I'm all out of white fabric...can you believe it?

I'll leave you with some simple white pitchers I bought the other evening at Home Goods.  I hadn't been out of the house for awhile and was feeling good so the hubby took me to buy some groceries and to my favorite store!  Do you know I hadn't been there for over 6 months?  I was shocked!

I wanted something simple for the island and I think I hit the nail on the head!  They'll be so pretty with my spring flowers in them this spring!


  1. I know that you're feeling better when the creative juices start flowing! Although blue is my absolute favorite color (like you didn't know that already), I think the change in the lampshade for the floor lamp is perfect. The white softens the look, while it ties in with all of the other pastels so well. Adding the bow is the crowning touch. I had to giggle about your trip to Home Goods and finding those gorgeous pitchers--you should be their PR person and market their store as therapy!

  2. LOVE the lampshades. You are genius! They are so very pretty, Melanie. I cannot BELIEVE you are out of white fabric. How in the world did that ever happen?;>) Have a wonderful day- xo Diana

  3. Those lamp shades turned out beautiful, I'm loving the all white with that beautiful bow. Hope your feeling better.


  4. wat mooi die lampenkappen Melanie! Dat heb je echt heel mooi gemaakt. Het ziet er weer super gezellig uit bij je.
    Lieve groetjes Brie

  5. Those lamps are so beautiful and romantic

  6. Melanie,
    Your lamp shades turned out so pretty. You have so much talent girl love these. So so beautiful.

  7. Darling shades! Did you sew your curtains that tie up with ribbons? If so, would you do a tutorial on how you make these? They are really pretty! Take care, Stephanie

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