Saturday, January 4, 2014

Everyhing has a Purpose

I felt great yesterday and decided to put away my Christmas decorations.  The house seems so big and open once again.  I so enjoy pulling out all of my stuff after's like presents all over again!

My mother gave me this metal monogram for my birthday.  Of course she knew I would paint it. Those were her words as I opened it as her eyes twinkled.  I love her so much and she knows me so well!

Now isn't it just perfect there at the end of the island?

As I sat by myself this evening after a day of not feeling so well, I caught myself looking at this grouping with it's soft pink glow and feeling like God was with me.  I could almost hear Him saying "just believe"....something we all need to do a little more of, right?  It's hard to do some days when you are feeling so bad and all you can focus on is just trying to get through that pain.  I read a post from a friend today that said, "let's do something different. Start saying I trust you Jesus."  Well, I did that today and it sure did make me feel better.  I do trust Him, how could I not?  I am here and alive after all that I have been through aren't I?

I noticed my grouping with fresh, new angel behind the table saying believe, churches, beautiful spring flowers, a star, candles, a sleeping angel, a cross that says love, a bracelet that the girls gave me for mothers day adorning the top of my church and a crown.

All in a soft pink glow from the pale pink walls and the lampshade.  
How soothing to my soul.  That's when I realized that my home has things that are precious to my very being...who I am, what I believe in.  I felt this before but it hit me in a totally different way tonight.  God speaks through my home to others, it opens a door for Him to enter.  I have felt so little in this big old world at times...but tonight I feel like I am sitting at His precious feet while he gazes down at me with love in His eyes and I feel His hand on my head.  Knowing things will all be alright.  
God is so good!

Life isn't just about pretty things, how much or what we's about people!  If I can help someone in the smallest of ways, then I am tickled pink!  

Now, that being said...Janet Coon from Shabbyfufu is having a giveaway!  Her home has been a pick me up to my soul from the very first time I ever laid my eyes on it!  It is absolutely beautiful and has been through many changes through the years...getting more beautiful as time goes by.  So stop by her blog, leave a comment, share and hopefully you might win!  I sure would love too!

Aren't they beautiful?  
Have fun and be sure to enter to win!


  1. I love that monogram--it looks great at the end of the island! What a great contest--exciting! I love all her stuff :)

  2. Hi Melanie,
    Your monogram is beautiful what a sweet gift from your mom. Janet's give aways are awesome. I won the ruffle throw from her not too long ago in a give away and just love it. The chair cover is awesome too. Have a great rest of the week end. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Dear Melanie, your monogram is just gorgeous and your home is so marvellous. I love the soothing and pink atmosphere of your home.


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