Sunday, April 7, 2013

What I did this weekend

I thought I'd share what all I did this weekend.  I get so busy and always forget to do a blog post...any of you have that same problem?  It's like the world goes by so fast and when I finally have the time, I am too tired.
So here's what I did...

Mom and I had a yard sale and it wasn't going very well, so I thought I better do something productive rather than just sit around waiting for someone to come buy our stuff!

This coffee table was just sitting in our garage already painted of course, so I painted a stencil on it, sanded it down and then distressed it.  Didn't it turn out beautiful?  I love the little bird in the wreath.

I've made a few things with this stencil and I never get tired of it.

Then I made this memo board.  I found the clothespins at Michaels and added the chicken wire.  The frame was a buy off of Facebook Yardsale and then I painted and distressed it.  Love it!

This was in Mom's stuff to sell so I swiped it (something we both do to each other when we have a sale).  Then I painted and distressed the wood frame in a grey.  

I had these two chairs in the sale but when no one was showing up, I decided they needed a makeover.  Painted and distressed, recovered the seat with some shabby chic fabric and then a lady came and wanted both.  I didn't even get to finish the other chair...but at least she was happy with them!

So today being Sunday, I wanted to do some sewing since I love to!  I went through my fabric and found a twin duvet that I had bought over a year ago at Salvation Army.  I had 3 Shabby Chic pink balloon shades but I needed 6. So I cut the pink shades in two and ripped apart the duvet.  Then I added the fabric by sewing and re-used the little "O" rings on the back side of the pink shades and ruffled them.

I always wanted a little more on the windows and these hit the spot for me!  

All the while getting on facebook and checking the yard sale sites....and look what I found today while sewing!  I am one happy lady, God is so good!

So there ya have it...just one of my many weekends.  See now how busy I am all of the time?  Oh, and did I mention that laundry was being done too?  lol

Now I need another weekend to recover from this one!


  1. I LOVE your bedroom! Those window treatments turned out beautifully.

    Amy Jo

  2. Wow, you were busy, love your table and chair redo's and your bedroom is gorgeous!


  3. Sogh- So very, very gorgeous, Melanie. I am always just smitten with what you do here- xo Diana

  4. Melanie
    So sweet and pretty. Love the window treatments.

  5. You have such productive weekends--all I got done was some weed pulling, laundry and bathed all the dogs. I don't know how you do it! I know I already said it on FB, but I just love that bedroom--the balloon shades make it perfect!

  6. Good grief, girl, now you are into having a production line going during a yard sale?! And selling stuff right off the production line?! OH, you are good!!!

  7. Wow, you were busy but everything is beautiful! Great transformation on your chicken wire frame. Your bedroom is lovely, love your new window treatments! Would love to have your share at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  8. LOL, making over the yard sale stuff during the yard sale ~ it sounds like it was good for business, Melanie! Love all the pieces you've shown. The frame with chicken wire is great. I haven't heard of the Facebook yard sale site. I'll have to see if I can find that. Love, love those pink balloon valances/shades. They look so pretty in this room and look great with the white curtains.

  9. So very pretty! I am so glad to have found your site!!

  10. So how much is the room rent for a weekend get away? So pretty I just want to climb in the bed and nap. Beautiful. I literally just this weekend found an old garden trellis in a cathedral shape which I am going to find some old fashioned clothespins for and hang some photos on. I also have that EXACT coffee table which I am getting ready to pain. I haven't decided what to do with the top. I'm thinking maybe, a muted chess top of light grey & white with a deeper grey outline. Haven't committed in my mind as yet. Maybe out anniversary or a saying. Not there yet. I love how yours came out. Well done. Hugs. Tammy

  11. Wow! You really accomplished a lot for one weekend! Sorry that your yard sale didn't go well but I really love everything you painted and sewed! I need to light a fire under myself and get more done too. Now that the weather is finally turning towards spring, that should do the trick! Hugs, Leena

  12. So happy to discover your sweet blog ! I felt in love with your bed rom : how can on be so nice ? You're really gifted. Love also the table (in fact love every thing) I'm so pleased to be your 214 French follower
    Xoxo from PARIS

  13. Hi, I love everything you have done! I am in process of changing my bedroom to Victorian Shabby Chic. You have given me some great ideas! beautiful! Hugs, Lynn

  14. Thanks for leading me here. Would love to win and anything old fashion.
    Sandra Bishop


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