Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Everything is getting so green

Getting ready for Summer is always a task...the pollen is always a pain and the animals are giving me quite a run for my money on cleaning up hair.  I usually make new covers for my pillows each year, but now with Ozzy...I am rethinking that.  

But, on another note...I did find some really beautiful brackets and couldn't pass them up.

A lady was selling these on Facebook Yard sale, she had 12 of them still in the box brand new.  Just the exact amount that I was needing for our porch and then some.

There are rules you have to go by when buying from these sites.  First one to say "want" gets first dibbs unless they say "pass".  Another lady had stated that she wanted but the seller changed the price and  I was second in line.  The other lady said pass and guess what?!!!

They were mine!

So...when my wonderful husband came home, I was able to sweet talk him into us putting them up.  
If you all are anything like me, I just can't wait, I have to do it NOW!

Once we figured out how we were going to cut them to make allowance for the trim, it was easy peasy!

I decided that I wanted some for the plain garage I want to do something up above in the middle.  Still thinking on that one...

Then I wanted them for this arch that my MR. built for me a few years ago.  I want to stain this white a little later when I have more time.  Maybe a taupe, who knows with me...I'll figure it out soon enough.

After we did all of our work, I knew that my ferns that I usually get every year would finish off the look I was going for.

And once again, I just couldn't wait.  Bright and early, I went to our Farmers Market and found these beauties!
Then off to my eye appointment.  I hate having to go somewhere else when I want to go home to work on something!

 I have plans for the stairs...I hate that lattice...always have!  But that's for later.

Don't the ferns just look lovely with the brackets?

Every one that I hung, I got more and more excited...invisioning how our porch was going to look.  I want people to feel welcome when they come for a visit, so it's always important to me on sprucing up the porch.  Plus we spend a lot of time out there just relaxing, so it has to be comfy for us too.

That's why I love the sign at the top of the swing....I want people to feel welcome.

I love my wicker, but little Ozzy is picking one chair and he's gonna get it if he doesn't stop!  Can you see it?  Little stinker....

Everything is getting so green...

I need more pink and white geraniums, so it looks like another trip to the Farmers Market for me.

Who know's, I may buy more ferns...

I'm going to see if the MR will go up over head and try to hang the swing from the rafters and get rid of this frame.  It takes up so much space.

I have so many plans for the porch, but I just had to share what I've been working on for the past couple of days.

So that's it for today...hope you all are having a wonderful and blessed day.  
I know I sure have!


  1. Your porch looks beautiful! Love the trim!

  2. Wow Melanie, those brackets are fantastic! I really REALLY love your porch and those ferns are just beautiful! Of course I have a professed love of ferns because my "old-fashioned" middle name is Fern...don't laugh! I actually like it. My Mom has the same middle name and so did my Grandmother...and so it goes... (*_*) xo

  3. Those brackets are gorgeous, Melanie! They really dress up your porch nicely and I love the look with the ferns.

  4. What a score with the brackets Melanie. I too have the brackets by the garage door :-) dresses the plain box up nicely.
    Luv the ferns....
    Hugs, Gee

  5. Looks gorgeous Melanie!! I've been working on my porch but it looks nothing like yours. Yours is just beautiful. Really inspires me to get some ferns next week from our farmers market.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love those brackets and the ferns look so healthy and beautiful! Your house looks great :)

  7. That looks great. What a find!!! I love the brackets and the way the ferns look with them. I actually kind of like the lattice there. It looks like you live out in the contry- your surrounding are very pretty- xo Diana

  8. You have definitely achieved the goal of wanting people to feel welcome. Your porch looks like it belongs in "Southern Living" with all those ferns and the weeping willow. Beautiful!!!

  9. OMG, your corner scrolls are adorable and the ferns are perfect, I can't imagine how you cute them, guess I need the MR. LOL! Your pink tree is gorgeous.


  10. What a great buy on those brackets - love them and they look terrific. Really like your porch, looks so comfortable and inviting. The ferns are really nice and full and look great on the porch. Enjoy your Spring.

  11. Oh my what an impact your scrolls made to your porch. It's exactly the touch of country class it called for and your right, the ferns do make them pop. I so love your tree with the pink flora, what kind of tree is this? I too would definitely want the swing hung from the rafters. More room for new chair & flowers & maybe an outdoor rug and.... well you get the point. More shopping! Hugs. Tammy

  12. Your porch looks gorgeous! I love the look of the news brackets and the ferns are fantastic! And look at tht gorgeous pink blooming tree! Everything is coming up spring and looks so fresh and new! I love that about this time of year! Enjoy! Hugs, Leena


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