Monday, March 11, 2013

How I made my tufted headboard

Before I get started, let me say this...there are so many different ways you can make a tufted headboard.  The way I chose to make mine was based on what I had already at home.  The only thing I went and bought were the tufting button kits and the foam padding mattress toppers for twin beds.

I had a twin headboard that was given to me that I used as a template for cutting out my design.  Note, this is a full headboard that I made, not a twin.  I had a piece of paneling left over from where I made the cabinet door for the office.  I could have went and bought a piece of pegboard, but then that would be wasting.

After using the jigsaw to cut it out, I then found the middle and started measuring for my holes for tufting.  

 I used the box the bed frame came in to make my lines.  I'm all about just using whatever instead of the proper tools.   I measured 6 inches apart from top to bottom.  Then 6 inches apart from side to side.  Drawing my lines that way.  

I marked a star at each point where I would be drilling the holes.

It made it easier for me to draw the diamonds to make sure I had it you can see, I had to do it twice hence the black and red marker lines.

Then I drilled my holes.

I used some leftover firing strips for the back making sure it would bump out the headboard from the wall and also allowing me to attach it to the wall.

Then I started with the foam toppers.  I bought two at $10 a much cheaper than buying foam and having it cut.  I just stapled it to the back instead of the spray adhesive.  Again, I'm all about using what I already have at home and saving money.

I bought a tufting kit with buttons at Walmart for $2.00 for 5 buttons in a package.  Total buttons were 40 after all was said and done.  I didn't take a photo of the kit, but it's super simple to tools required to make them.  It comes with everything you need other than fabric.
I had some fence wire so I got creative and used it instead of buying a long needle to thread the buttons through.  It also replaced the waxed thread...killed two birds with one stone.

I took a pointy screwdriver and poked through the back at each hole all the way through to the front making sure I had the holes aligned properly and to be able to tuft the buttons.

I bent the wire and then stapled to keep from slipping after threading through the front at each hole..

I already had the fabric...make sure it is the length and width of your headboard unless you want a seam(I didn't).  Any fabric will work.

And this is it all finished and hung.  Normally people use a mitered strip of wood attached to the wall then attached to the matching mitered strip attached to the back of the headboard.  I didn't....I used picture hooks and a piece of wire.  I found my stud and added 2 nails to hang the headboard on.   Perfect for when I get the urge to move my bed later on.  
No big holes left in my wall!

I'm not very good at tutorials since I don't like taking photos of what I do before I make something pretty.  So I hope this helps with giving another idea at making tufted headboards.

I just like things when they are pretty...and this suits me just fine!


  1. Wow, you are a girl with skills! :D Your headboard is amazing.

  2. I am so impressed with this Melanie. It is beautiful. I know it is a lot of work but it really turned out so pretty. Job well done my friend. It looks so sweet in that room.

  3. It is so beautiful--so sweet of you to share how you did it!

  4. Moving to wordpress this week and my hair is on fire... but I had to run by and tell you how GORGEOUS this is though, and that I pinned it and it went crazy :) Yay you!!


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