Saturday, March 9, 2013

British Rose

My love for British Rose began with two shower curtains from Target.....and has grown more and more every chance it gets.

One night a friend of mine posted a sofa slipcover that she had purchased on ebay that was in the British Rose.  It sparked my interest, so I went and had a look for myself.  I hadn't been on ebay for so long....I found these little beauties for sale still in their wrappers.  How thrilled was I?  They were MINE!

I had these little shades that I had slip covered on the chandy, but when I saw the ones on ebay, I just had to have them since I have that print throughout our downstairs master retreat!

I think they look perfect! 

I can't remember how the seller had her store name, but she shipped them out quick and had them packaged so sweetly with a little card inside. 

Just the perfect lighting too over the office desk.

See how much light the chandy adds?  We have the florescent  lighting that I absolutely HATE, so this adds a nice warm feel to our office area.

And the shades go perfectly with all of my other touches of British Rose.

So there ya have love keeps growing everyday for 


  1. What a great find!They look beautiful on your chandy and go so nicely with the other uses of the same fabric! Lucky to find them! I just adore this little office area! Hugs, Leena

  2. I didn't know what that pattern was before this. I just LOVE it and I saw a shade at TJMaxx not too long ago with that pattern. Unfortunately it was attached to a lamp that I didn't like at all. I LOVE your chandy with those shades. It is just perfect- xo Diana

  3. A very pretty pattern, Melanie! I love how the new shades look on your chandy. It all ties in together very nicely.

  4. I love this pattern, too. My youngest daughter has some of it in her bedroom and bathroom! LOVE the little chandy!

  5. So pretty! By the way, are you fading the pink out of your house? I think you mentioned something about that recently, or is it just my imagination?

  6. So soft... I never heard of the pattern until I read your blog post about it a few months ago... Beautiful.
    Hugs, Gee

  7. Hi Melanie
    I had my whole bedroom in that shabby chic British rose a few years ago. I always loved the soft blue roses. I may still have some of that packed away so if you need more let me know. I know it was hard to find that after Target discontinued that pattern

  8. I love all your British Rose--those shades were a great find and they look perfect!

  9. Melanie it looks so perfect!!!!
    Your home is so lovely and cozy :)
    Happy Sunday!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~


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