Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lampshades can have slipcovers too

 It all started one evening when I saw this lovely lampshade.  I immediately went, pulled my sewing machine out, grabbed my white fabric and began to sew!
 Of course, I knew it wouldn't be exactly like this, but I loved how it just looked all crumpled.  Plus, Mammaw had a lamp similar to this.  So I guess that had me too!

I had bought a simple barrel shade before Christmas to replace one of my floral ones.  I wanted white, but they didn't have them so I had to settle for a taupe color.  Not my taste, but I knew I could make a slipcover for it.  I've done most all of my shades since they are so darn expensive when you go replacing all of them!

Here it is in a simple slipcover with a little ruffle on the top and bottom.

But I wanted to make the other one and thought, now what do I do with this one?  I can't stand to waste!

So I put it on this shade and added the lace and rose.  The lace can come off when I'm not in the mood for it and can go back to the previous one with ease.  I had made the rosette for the crumpled shade but thought it was just too much.

Now, for the other one...

Here she is!  I really like it and see how I added the lace to it too?  I have a friend on facebook to thank for that.  Her home is so beautiful!  She has lace, but it is done absolutely the right I thought, what the heck...just do it!

Then I wanted to make something else.  Do you all do that once you start a project?  If I start painting, I can paint and paint and paint.  Same way with my sewing....

I just ripped strips of fabric, made into ruffles and added them to the slipcover.  I have to say that this one is my favorite!  I think I could have these little ruffles everywhere!

Mama bought me this little candle lamp for my birthday and the shade was ho-hum.  She said when I opened it that she knew I could slipcover it.   She knows that with any present that I get, is a true present when I can do a little sumpin'-sumpin' to it.

So I made yet another slipcover....can you see a pattern here with me and slipcovers?

So that's a "few" of my little slipcovers for our lampshades. 
Remember..before you go out and shop for that special lampshade....take a look at yours and think slipcovers!  Fabric is so much cheaper and you can find exactly what you are looking for.   Saves so much money and you can even use a hot glue gun if you can't sew a lick!  


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! You have some great ideas here. I love them all. I have a few shades that need makeovers. Have a wonderful day Melanie. ((Hugs))

  2. Melanie,
    Once again you have some cute cute ideas. Love these. I have alot of shades that could use a makeover too. Adorable slipcovers for sure.

  3. I really love the crumpled lamp shade, I think I might try to do that for my recently found floor lamp!

    Amy Jo

  4. What a cute idea! I am your newest follower!

    God bless....Brooke
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  5. Oh-they are all just lovely! I really like the one with the pleated ruffle-it is just sweet and simple and pretty. xo Diana

  6. The crumpled look is awesome. It has a perfect blend of the surrounding colors. I like your creation.

  7. Hi Melanie! Could you please tell me what brand/color paint you use? I love it! Thanks - I love your blog!


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