Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Love Battery Operated Lights

I thought I'd share with you on how I make battery lights and slipcovered shades.  I have to admit that I have a fetish with them.  It all started years ago when I found a lovely primitive candlabra chandy that normally held candles.  I've never been one to "fancy" candles since I worry about fires.  Kids and candles do not mix.
So my mind began to think....
I thought that the battery operated candles would work lovely and would be great for when the power went out.  Then I began to add shades.  Let me just say,  they put out so much light and no fire hazard!  I just wrap double sided tape at the base to make snug.  I like making little slipcovers for the candles too...they hide imperfections like when the tape shows.
So here are some shades that I made today with some bridal lace.
I bought a couple of chaneliers some time back and they came with the shades.  Kind of "blah" in my book.  Mom and I made a trip to a local fabric store and accidentally found this beautiful lace!  It is the perfect length for making slipcovers for the shades.  I love how they turned out!
I found this candlabra at Michael's years ago and just fell in love with the crystals and the scrolly design.  It's a perfect nightlight on it's own downstairs for "when the power goes out."
Here is another candlabra that I found on Facebook Yardsale.  Didn't she just scream "look at me!"  I knew I could make her beautiful!
I have so many battery operated lights throughout my house.  My husband loves them and how much light they really do put out.  I have one in each of the girls rooms for nightlights because when our power does go out...it is really dark!  And you know kids...their imaginations run wild!  So them seem to love them too.
Thanks for letting me share one of my many fetishes....and I hope I've sparked an idea with you!


  1. This is so cute. Great idea! Your blog is looking really good! Love the bigger photos. Right now I am obsessing about this years Christmas tree. I want to copy a all white tree with photo frames I saw in "Romantic Country". I would say white ornaments are my fetish right now!

  2. Sandy...I saw it and want to do it too!!! Wasn't it gorgeous?!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, your lights shades are gorgeous!!! I love white, and I love lace, and I love candleabras...see where I'm going here?!?!

  4. So so pretty!!! I love everything you do though anyway. Your header looks beautiful. I must have missed your post about the magazine pictures etc. What magazine is it in and did you post it here on your blog?. I would love to read both. N.


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