Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sara's New/Old Bed

This is that beautiful bed after painting!

I found this lovely on Habitat for Humanity Restore in Huntington on their page.  I knew she had to be mine!
So I called my dear sweet Mama and aksed her if she'd meet me since she lives close to Huntington and lead me there after calling Habitat to make sure they still had this gem.  It was on!
The very next day I got up at 6, the store didn't open until 9.  It takes about an hour to get there, so I had plenty of time.  I ended up at the store before they opened and am so glad I did.  There were two people that came in wanting the bed as we were carrying it out after purchasing.  Not to mention several on the "fan" page responding to their photo like I had done.
Then when I got her home I began painting!
She then sat in the garage over night!
The very next morning I started in...Sara didn't want to , but I made her, lol.  We set the bed up and I went to add the slats...they were too short!  Oh how my heart sank!  My first thought was that it was a queen...but I knew that couldn't be since it looked like a full.  Then I got my trusty tape measure...guess what?
It was in between!
Well, that called for some quick thinking and a trip to Lowes!
I made a frame from 2x4's and legs to take the pressure off of the rails.  Sorry I didn't take a photo...but it is solid as a rock now and a jiant could sleep on it!  Still having plenty of storage underneath, she turned out perfectly!
Sara was thrilled, even more so after learning that the bed was "really" old!  She tends to like the older days just like her Mama!  She wouldn't admit it, but she's a lot like me.
Beatle's, Elvis and Jimmy Page(guitarist for Led Zeppelin) are her loves....she calls them her babies.
I hung this one here so  right before she closes her eyes at night she'll see her "babies"...
I love all of the detail!
The black in the posters and frames just add the right vibe to her room...especially being a teen.  But still having the right amount of vintage/shabby chic without losing it.
She decided that she wanted the wing back that was in the spare room to be in her's since she said it was so comfy.  I added a little table for her drink when she's watching tv.  Or for when her sis comes in for a visit "to bug her" as Sara would say...No really I am blessed to have two wonderful daughters that absolutely love eachother!  They spend most of their time together every day...little spats here and there, but they always want to be together!

So there you have it!  Sara's new/old bed....and it's mine when she leaves!




  1. This bed is stunning! You did a great job in getting it and refurbishing and it was so worth the trouble! Good for you (& Sara too)! Mary Beth

  2. Sara's name means "princess." Thanks to her hard-working mother, she has a bed and a room that reflects that status!

  3. Looks gorgeous! Just like everything you do :)

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  5. Absolutely beautiful! You did a great job on it. I can't believe you built a frame...I might figure it out but wouldn't have the tools. :)


  6. That is a gorgeous bed, Melanie! Good for you for getting there early and walking away with it!

  7. Oh my goodness--that bed is just gorgeous! So gald you got there first.

  8. I found you first on Facebook and then here on my I'm so glad. I love your white bed that you redid. Habit store is one of my favorite!! Come join me at

  9. Oh my land, that bed is absolutely gorgeous! On a side note, my husband can't figure out for the life of him why I use the term "oh my land". I'm not sure either, lol! I grew up hearing it in my family, and I guess some things just "stick"!

  10. The bed turned out beautiful. I know your daughter is going to love it for years to come. Fantastic job mom, just like your whole house. Love it.

  11. Melanie,
    What a gorgeous bed and score of finding it. I love that you found a beautiful piece to relove in your home and you also helped Habitat for Humanity. That makes the piece even more special. I am sure your daughter loves her room. So beautiful. Love it all.

  12. Your blog is beautiful Melanie!!! And that bed is fit for a Queen. Boy did you get lucky in finding and getting it!!! When I moved away from home, my mother gave me my bedroom set so I'd have something to start with but it certainly wasn't this nice. You think Sara will actually want to leave it behind for you???? LOL I hope I'm around to see what happens when she just can't leave it!!!!!

    1. I know I'll be a softy then, but I will make her sign an agreement that she'll never get rid of it without first consulting me!

  13. Wow that bed is AMAZING!! A true treasure!

  14. I just love your creativity and decorating style!
    I too live in WV.


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