Tuesday, May 1, 2012

                        ~WELCOME TO OUR PORCH~

Yesterday was not a good day in the Hays home....the hubs was having some trouble putting in our hot water tank.  He had a few leaks, ran a few too many times for parts instead of buying extra (he tried to save a little money) and the stress level of having to fill and drain that sucker over and over was just not good at all!  So, like I always do, when I get a little upset, I clean.  And this is what I did......

What began as frustration turned out to me thinking..."what have I gotten myself into"  as the sweat began to roll.....

The rug came from a friend who didn't want it anymore.  All it needed was a little TLC and a good scrubbing.  I am elated with it,  Thanks Sue!  The rocker was a trash find from my sweet husband.  He knows me all too well.

I ended up carrying all of the furniture off of the porch to be sprayed down with clorox and scrubbed.  Well that ended up turning into scrubbing the whole front side of the house, lol!  We looked like Sanford and Son out front.....

All of the cushions were washed and I found some slipcovers I had made a few years back.  I drug them all out .... it was like Christmas all over again!

I had bought some flowers on Sunday and thought that I'd just put them on the porch until I planted them....now I'm thinking "how can I keep roses in pots?"   I am just so smitten with the look!

This is one of three planters that I found on facebook yardsale and painted white.  Love them!

All in all, I am lovin' the look....I have my little bit of shabbiness outside to enjoy. 

I'll be getting my ferns this week sometime.  I've been holding off because of "sweet little  Birds" love to build their nests in them.   I think their nest building is pretty much done.  I know I'll have a few stragglers, but not like I normally do.  They have all the trees in the world but they pick my ferns evrey year! 
Little Turkeys!

I spray painted the jar basket and watering can, what else of course...white!  I think I am turning into a major white lover.

This is Mamaw's chair....When she comes for a visit.  I wouldn't dare to sit there, she's totally selfish  isn't she?  Love ya Mama!

The stool was made be my Grandpa Jim....he passed away before I was born.  But I have heard so many wonderful stories about him from my whole family.  My Uncle Jack looks just like him.  So in a way I have a little part of him here on earth.  Love you Uncle Jack!

The cabinet holds all of our outside shoes.  I love things to be hidden...especially them!

See the pink pot?  My Mama brought that to me the other day....won't it be so pretty with some white impatients?

I'm planning on staining the brick...it's looking so faded and worn.  Plus I have never liked the red.  But that'll be another story...sigh...it just never ends with me.


It was a dreary morning, but now that I have taken the photo's and am doing this story...quess who's showing up now...
the SUN! 

But you get the picture....



  1. Your porch is so pretty Melanie & it would be such a joy to sit out there & relax ! I love white furniture too & of course the pink roses ! The stool is sooo sweet too ~ luv it : )

  2. OMGosh I could live on your front porch! Aren't family things just the best and so nice of Mike to rescue a chair for you. You are truly blessed!

  3. So lovely & relaxing. I hope to share a cup of coffee or cool drink with you and your momma on that porch someday this summer. Thanks for sharing Melanie ... it's beautiful!

  4. Hi Melanie,

    You sure picked a great name for your blog! Not only are you a SWEET heart but all of your decor is always S W E E T. Love this porch! I can imagine sitting there with a wonderful cup of coffee and enjoying life's simple pleasure.

    Hope you are feeling better. I've been going through this huge move so I have not been around much. Miss blog land!!

    Enjoy your day and rest of the week!!



  5. Your porch is so, so, pretty! I love every little detail! And, I'm a lover of white, and a lover of wicker, so your porch fits my taste to perfection!!

  6. Hi Melanie, What a cozy romantic porch.... It's very pretty in all its whites with touches of pink. Love all the pieces you put there too!

    Have a Great Day~

  7. I love every inch of this porch! It's beautiful. I only wish that I cleaned when I needed to destress. I EAT. My daughter cleans.

    Boy do I miss her around here...

  8. You certainly inherited your mom's way of handling stress...LOL! I LOVE the porch dressed in its new "clothes" and decorated with those knockout roses! Of course, you know that this is one of my favorite spots--it's amazing that there always seems to be a breeze. I can't wait to try out my rocker in its new location. :)

  9. I am in love with your porch. I got so excited to see you had a new post because your beautiful home inspires me! I am going to try to dye some satin pink tonight and thought of you:) Did you make the cover to the stool? It looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing your beautiful porch.

  10. It looks really lovely, Melanie! I can just imagine sitting in one of your rockers and sipping some iced tea on a hot day. : )

  11. Melanie your porch is so beautiful and sweet!! What a wonderful place to sit and spend time with family and friends! xoxo Sue

  12. Melanie, I can't wait for you to redo my kid's furniture! You are so creative!!! XOXOXOXOXO


  13. Melanie, your porch looks gorgeous! It was worth all the hard work!

  14. I would love to sit on your porch and just breath in it's beauty! You make everything so special! Thanks for sharing, Melanie. xoxo, Julie

  15. Everything is looking so pretty and fresh Melanie!

  16. Hi Melanie,
    I just had to look up your blog after reading about you in Romantic Homes and seeing pictures of your lovely home. Your story touched my heart and even more so when I saw that you are from Charleston, WV. I was born and raised on the west side and lived in Teays Valley up until about eight years ago. After my husband retired from UPS we moved to Ocean Isle Beach NC to build our dream home. Now, I long to return back to WV. I think once a West Virginian always a West Virginian.
    I have a blog too and would love for you to stop by and visit me sometime. The road I see in the background from your lovely porch looks familiar to me.
    I also love your porch. It is so pretty and welcoming.


  17. Amazing blog! Would you like to follow each other? ;X


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  19. I totally love this area....I think I could even live there!! :)


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