Sunday, January 22, 2012

~Mix and Match~

An old frame, beadboard and a shelf make something quite unique for Hannah's wall.

Sara's dream.....mixed with vintage pieces.

Try something modern with something shabby....

An old cake cloche with a new cake stand.....

Old and new crystal with painted plates and old china....


  1. Very creative combinations Melanie...I specially love the Last one candle with some foliage on a stand... creative style...
    with love from

  2. The cover looks great with the cake stand--what a find!

  3. Beautiful (as always) Love the cake stand!!

  4. I adore the framed sign! Gorgeous! Did you paint her name and the flowers on it? I have a bunch of the china in that same pattern. I'm a pushover when it comes to old china with roses on it.

  5. Thanks all of you! Barbara...the sign with her name is from Home Goods. I think I m going to invest in some really nice china with a pattern that really catches my eye...hopefully I can find some on e-bay. My mouth waters when I see pretty dishes and material!

  6. Ah...I have that very china. 6 plates. Forgot I had them until I found them on a shelf hidden. I guess I'd better find a better place for them. Love the tablescape. Well for that matter I love your whole post. Every bit of it.



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