Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An extra bed...something Mammaw always made sure she had plenty of for company.  My husband and I made another headboard type slipcover to go over the original one.  It just wasn't high enough.   It's made from pegboard and 2x4's then slipcovered with sheets.  I made the ties on the side for easy removal.  This is part of the girls room....thank the good Lord I listened to Mammaw, because this bed sure has come in handy. 


  1. Good morning nice to meet you. I'm loving what you did with the bedding and sheets in this room...My youngest daughters room has the quilt to this set...I too have old windows everywhere...I now may have to add another one to her room....come on over to visit. Best of luck with your blog...Mariaelena

  2. Your wreath is beautiful! I love the your room, so soft and pretty! I think the old windows are great! I just became your newest follower! Your site is really lovely! Oh, I still have some Christmas decor out too, probably will until February!
    Be blessed!

  3. Practical yet beautiful. Truly lovely. Am inspired by your creative headboard idea. And slipcover.



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