Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Little Blue

I thought I'd share a little blue with you for Christmas.  I'm sure well get a little down around this time of year with missing those we no longer have in our lives, with feeling pressure of all of the money that's spent, or just feeling plain ole "bah humbug".  But did you know the color blue can actually make you feel good?  
Our master in the basement has one window.  With the winter months, I want all of the light I can possibly have in this space.  Years ago, when this space actually had green walls with dark beadboard paneling, I had a vision of a pastel blue and white space.  
That's when I started my trek....painting everything in sight blue and white!
I am in love with this space now especially here at Christmas time!

Just look how soft and cozy everything looks!

The stairs were painted a creamy white and lots of mirrors were hung in the stairwell to reflect every ounce of light.  

I love how the mirrors reflect all the twinkly lights.

Our self made canopy bed is something I love to adorn with Christmas decor!  We really do love our bed!

Behind the curtain, I have an outlet strip attached to the wall for easy peasy access with turning on/off all of the lights.

 The pine garland with the lights really pop against  all of the white.  

I am still loving this little cheap tree from WalMart!   I am so happy I didn't go with a white tree again...the pine looks so pretty with all of the white Christmas ornaments.

Instead of putting up the vase of white roses, I decided to add the pine and pine cones.  
Instant love!

The "joy" plaque on the mirror was fount at Target for a few dollars.  I hung it with fishing line. Fishing line is my bast friend because you can't see it and it's strong enough to hold heavy objects!

I kept the mantle pretty simple this year after adding the mirror.  I think this is the prettiest it's ever been!

The battery operated lights keep it clean with no cords.  I hate seeing cords!  The NOEL blocks represent the feeling of Christmas perfectly along with the Angel wings.

Our one window doesn't go without getting something pretty.  Nice and light is my motto!

More mirrors of course...the more the better!  

One little cluster of snow pine with some ornaments adorn our armoire.  

The office area got a few touches of Christmas as well.  I bought the buffalo checked pillow for outside but fell in love with it here!  Who knew I would like a touch of black?

The grouping on top of this armoire, sparkle and glow with the mirror behind it all.This area stays a little dark since its cut off from our one window.  Our door has a window but it leads to our garage which is a little dark.

I can't remember where I found this little faux violin, but it used to be red and black.  Painting it white was a chore but it turned out beautifully and adds Christmas charm.

Pine is a staple for me when it comes to decorating for Christmas.  Adding white blooms of all sorts with pine cones does the trick with making it feel winter-y.

And what would Christmas be without Jesus?  The greatest gift of all!

I really love how the white tulle garland looks with the little pine tree.  And the light bulb ornament I made a few years ago, makes me smile.

Now tell me...doesn't blue make you feel better?

I know it does me!  I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying this holiday season.  It's my absolute favorite time of year!


  1. The pictures are beautiful, but they can’t compare to experiencing it in person. Your home at Christmas wraps me in a calmness, almost like a freshly fallen snow—only warmer. ��

  2. I agree with Sara, it really is beautiful and inspirational!

  3. I love it, Melanie and wish I could see it in person---because I bet it is even prettier in person than in pictures because you get a sense of the textures, too.
    I do love blue although I got away from it for several years. If ind it is a soother for me.
    I hope you have a blessed, wonderful week. xo Diana

  4. I have always admired your decor, this is just the cherry on top <3

  5. Your Master Suite is so are very talented. Have a Merry Christmas

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    1. What size is the bedroom. Me and my daughter love it.


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