Monday, March 7, 2016



The bestest dog ever!  12 years of love, joy, and happiness!

Today has been a very hard day.  We had to say goodbye to our best friend and the only way I find to be able to cope is to talk about what a good dog he truly was.  The sweet memories we have of him are priceless.

One day, while the girls were in school, I visited our local animal shelter.  I had been wanting a puppy for the girls and I.  As I walked into the puppy room, I saw many sweet pups, all eager to greet me and wanting to play.  But as I saw this little pup in the corner, our eyes locked and I knew he was the one for us.  He didn't want to play, he wanted to be loved.  He came to me with tenderness and was so humble.  I studied his markings and loved on him for what seemed like an eternity.  I had to leave and get the girls from school, but told him I'd be right back.  I wanted the girls to have the pleasure of picking a puppy out.

When we came back, I was so afraid that someone already got him, but he was still there.  The girls fell in love with him.  Then he was ours!  They sent him off to be fixed before we could take him home, so the next day was like Christmas when we picked him up.  Christmas was actually just right around the corner.

He became everyone's playmate and best friend.  Always ready to play fetch and to be loved on.

As he grew, he still thought he was a puppy.  He loved being on our laps and as close as he could get to you.

And if he would have been an inside dog, he would definitely have slept with Mike and I.

He loved being paid attention to and had a sense of humor too.

When I was in the hospital, one of the things that gave me hope was coming home and having my sweet Gabe.  They told me that he became very depressed while I was gone and didn't eat the last couple of days before I came home.  He was so happy to see me...he whined and whimpered so much.  Almost like he was crying happy tears.

As I did therapy, he was right by my side.  My best friend....
he suffered a stroke about 7 months ago and we thought it was all over.  But he was a fighter and we did therapy for him after I researched that dogs recover quite well with strokes unlike humans if therapy is given.  Mike helped him to stand and walk every day and then it seemed like a miracle...he was doing so well!   He came in at night to sleep on his big pillows and had his blankets and his own personal heater.  We've actually been keeping him in at night for years because he seemed to be suffering from arthritis.  He loved scraps and having his belly rubbed...what dog wouldn't?

We got a new pup just a few days ago and she reminds us of him.  Her name is Lucie.  I am so thankful we did and that she got to know him a little before he had to go.

My old timer, my good I will miss you.  Thanks for all of the sweet memories you gave each of us.  I'll see you in Heaven because you were definitely a gift from God up above.

I was the one to find you and the one there to let you go....I love you Gabe, my sweet, good boy.


  1. Oh Honey, I am so sorry you had to lose your best dog friend. I know him trying to sit on your lap had to be my daughter's big old dog Sam does that. Sending hugs to you and your family. Bless your heart Melanie. xoxo,Susie

  2. Awe, so sweet R.I.P its so sad when we lose a person a animal.. With love Janice

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  4. Lo siento muchísimo mi niña ,estoy segura que nuestro amado Señor Jesús tiene un lugar hermoso y maravilloso para todos los peluditos. Recibe un fuerte beso y abrazo tu y tu linda family, que la paz y el consuelo de Dios lo llene, amén

  5. Melanie so sorry you had to let your baby go. We know its the best for them, but our hearts break apart. They are our family and best friends.

  6. Rest blessed Gabe. We will be praying for your family oxox

  7. Hello Melanie, My heart hurts for you and your precious family! Our dog George, a cockapoo, is almost 12 and we are watching him age, and are sad to think of having to say goodbye, even though we do have the hope of a reunion in heaven. My husband often says, "We were wired for eternity. God never meant for us to have to be separated by death." I recently read a book that was so comforting--"Will My Pet Be In Heaven?" by Steve Wohlberg (also republished and expanded in the book Your Pet, Your Health, and the Afterlife). I would offer to send you our copy, but it is making the rounds of our neighbors, who all want the same hope.
    Thank you for your lovely blog--it has been so beautiful to look at over the years!!
    Sweet Petunia, from (mostly Christian poetry)


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