Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Window Make Over

Years ago, we added a ledge to our bathroom window.  I loved it until we started to bump our heads on it when we sat on the stool.  Then I ended up hating the window after I had the bright idea on adding the shutters.  This bathroom gets dirty and hairy...yes, I said hairy!  With 3 ladies in the house, we all tend to lose hair.  Hairspray doesn't help matters either.  Another con is that it is adjoined to the laundry room.  So, I think you understand how  dirty this room can get.

Here is a before photo from my phone before we started on making the window over.

  Those topiary's needed to say bye bye too!  

Starting to add the trim...what a mess!
You can see what color the bathroom was before many many moons ago.  A dark green that looked almost black!

This window ended up costing about $45 to trim out.  I want to do the rest of our windows throughout, but I think I'll take it slow.  Doing one at a time.  It will add up fast if I'm not careful.

But it sure did make a huge difference, didn't it?  I still need to paint the walls and the beadboard, but a little touch up will have to do for now.  We all said the same it made the room look larger and the window definitely looks way bigger too.

I cleaned my butt off, washing down the walls, trim, shower curtains and window shade.  I even cleaned the ceiling fan and the ceiling.  Definitely a long over do list....but at least it's clean and pretty now.

Since we are in the bathroom, I'll show you the rest...

I love how big the room is...makes it so nice when there are 3 of us in here trying to get ready.  I put on my make up here because of the natural light.

People are always amazed at just how big it really is.  I'm so glad my mom planned it that way when she was building this house.  I grew up using a bathroom that was so tiny, your knees could almost touch the sink!  

I added the trim over the shower curtain awhile back.  It has grown on me...I didn't like it too much when I first did it.

Both ways were pretty, but the make over is more practical and cleaner!  No more hairspray build up on the shutters along with all that  hair.  My life as a mom just got easier!


  1. Sweet girl, you can't tell me anything about hairy...I had four daughters and me...we all had long hair. So much hair that some times it would lock the beater bars up on the vacuum sweeper and burn the pulling belt off it. Blast, that became a big bone of contention with me. I got to where I would tell the girls, flip the power head over and cut the hair off the beater bars. LOL. I bought a bag of replacement belts too. Yes, I think your new look does make it look bigger and brighter in the bathroom. I love a big bathroom...and here I live in a house with the smallest bathroom I have ever had. Bummer. You did a fine Job on yours. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. After living with that tiny bathroom for so many years, I would have made this bathroom twice as large if I could have afforded it. You've taken it to an entirely new level than anything I ever could have comprehended--it's stunning!

  3. Everything is so Pretty . The window looks so much better having the natural light coming in. I look forward to reading what you do making little changes. Can't wait to read what's next.

  4. Very pretty! We are building a tiny house this year and much inspiration comes from your house! I love the white and ruffles and our interior is mostly white now. Thanks so much for sharing your house and changes you made! Hugs from Holland. Sandra

  5. Hi Melanie, it looks great! I agree it make's the room look bigger, and you have it so pretty! I am going to Lowe's this afternoon and get the shades for the Lamp cover's you made for me! they are so beautiful, I will send you pictures!!! Lynn


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