Sunday, January 24, 2016

That Beautiful Thing Called SNOW

We were hit with a snow storm, but thankfully we were prepared.  If you all do not know me by now, let me fill you in on how much I adore snow.  Growing up in a small town, we had lot's of snow during the winters.  Bundling up to go out sleigh riding, warming yourself by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, getting snowed in and reading books when the electricity was off, spending quality family time together, having sleep overs...the list can go on and on.  And as I grew and married, I loved snow just as much. After having our daughters,  I can see that I've instilled my love for snow into them.  To me, snow is magical.  Especially at night as the snowflakes come down in all sorts of sizes and shapes.  Those sparkly ones were especially pretty.  But the hush the snow does to make everything that's what I really love!

I was so excited to see the snow coming down when I woke up and opened the door.  

I felt like a child on Christmas morning!

It really was coming down and the weathermen were predicting a lot of it!  

So, I asked my sweetie if he'd take a walk with me to capture some pretty photos to remember it all by.  Of course he said yes...he loves snow as much as I do.  

I really love where we live.  We have no close neighbors, so it makes for wonderful privacy.

Nestled in at the bottom of a mountain, it is such a cozy place even though we have such a big yard.

My best friend and my I love him so!

Louis is an inside cat, sheltered from the cold.  His reaction to the white stuff falling from the sky was priceless.  I love this cat!

We decided to have a bonfire while the girls enjoyed the snow as they did when they were little.  I was inside cooking dinner as I captured these next few shots.

Sleigh riding, sitting by the fire and playing with Gabe, our old timer,  was definitely a great way to spend a snowy day.  I felt like my girls were little once again.  Sweet memories were made...and still are.

What we woke up to the next day was amazing...and the snow was still coming down!

I'm so glad I left up the Christmas decorations...they look so pretty with all of this beautiful snow.

Everything looks so pretty!

Well, maybe not, lol!  Being pretty while shoveling isn't a priority for me. The cars were completely covered!  We still have so much to shovel.  

The sun came out on the third day and the snow had finally stopped.  The total accumulation was 16 inches!  
(Imagine my hands slapping my cheeks as my mouth dropped to the ground)  
We haven't had any winters like this for years. And I love it!

The creek is all frozen, but oh so pretty!  I remember  skating on frozen creeks when I was little...I don't think I'll try that now.

The glistening of the snow looks like little tiny diamonds.  God truly made this world beautiful didn't He?!

I love the shadows that shine through onto the snow.  It definitely makes on feel special.

And the trees...I love the trees all covered in snow.  It is just absolutely beautiful!
I hope all of you have been blessed and if you were hit with this storm like we were, I hope you all made it through with flying colors.  Have a blessed week and tell God how much you love HIM. 


  1. Aw, Melanie---so glad you and your family enjoyed it. Here in Chicagoland we are 'blessed' lol quite often, but we got to miss this one. Beautiful pictures. I'm sure it will be gone, soon enough. Thanks for sharing, Sandi

  2. Oh so pretty Melanie!!! Just like you, I had the same childhood and still love it:-) I left my Christmas decor up also and loved seeing the lights in the snow--finally!! We got none in December so it was nice to enjoy it.

  3. Beautiful pictures and wonderful days you spent with your family.

  4. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! My family is far from me back in MD and PA and got hit with the blizzard too. I'm thankful for Facebook as it has kept me posted on everyone's updates at "home" to let me know they are doing well. Enjoy it!



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