Friday, October 2, 2015

~Are You Ready~

I'm going to do a little something a bit different today.  Rather than share photos of our home, I want to share some thoughts with you.

My heart is heavy....the things I am seeing in this world are a little concerning to me.  With what's going on with Russia, the shooting at an Oregon College pertaining to whether one was a Christian or not, our country's president and what he's not doing, the Pope's visit and what he said, Israel's leader explaining with a speech at the UN about how no one is helping or defending them....I mean, can you see it?  There is so much more that has happened, but you get the picture.  

Are we really all ready for what is about to come?  Are you ready to stand for what is right when faced with life or death on this earth?  Christian faith is being attacked.  I'm not talking about those that say they are Christian, but never act it or live it.  I'm talking about those who truly love God and make it their life, live by peace and love and hurt no one.

Are you ready to pronounce your belief when faced with a choice of living or dying on this earth or are you going to choose to live eternally?

God is and always has been the only true answer to everything. 

My prayer is for all to be ready.


  1. Melanie, I remember when I was 8 years old and came home from church and told my mother, "I wish the world would end. " She asked what ever made me say such a thing. I told her I want to go be with Jesus. When my time comes, that is exactly where I want to be, with Jesus. I pray every day that God will make me the woman he wants me to be. I pray for all the world leaders to do the right thing. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Melanie, You have read my mind and heart. I was thinking about this last night and pondering the week's events. Is it end of days? Are we ready? I pray for members in my family that are not believers, I pray for my children and thank God that they love Him as much as I do. I pray for this country that we are pushing Jesus out of every place when we need Him more than anything right now. Thank you Melanie and blessings.

  3. Yes, Melanie....Jesus is coming soon! The signs of the times are all around us....the Bible is being revealed everyday and coming to pass! My heart is hurting for my loved ones as well who do not know Christ. We as Christians must be stronger than ever and be closer to God so we can hear him for every direction.....Bless you for posting this~~~Roxie

  4. Blessed by this post. Our redemption is near and It is well with my soul!


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