Sunday, September 13, 2015


It's a cool and cozy Sunday.... I have been tinkering inside.  

I have been fighting a nap all day though, lol.  I guess my body is ready for hibernation now that the leaves are falling.

I'll start with the hall chest I added a few months back.  I originally had the #1 knobs on the top middle drawer, but it looked like eyes with that little scrolly piece under it that looks like a smile.  So, I took them off.  (too creepy) The chest barely fit....I actually had to cut into the molding with a hack saw.  I all are probably cringing.  But it worked!

I found a pair of wall sconces online and had to have them.   They look so much better painted white.

I love these so much better because I didn't have to have a cord cozy covering the cord.  I hid them well...can you see them?  They can be turned off easily as we lay in bed...ahhh...

I added the other 2 that were originally over the bed, here to the window wall.  I can't wait until Christmas to decorate this space!  The lights will give a nice warm glow along with the tree.

And I thought I'd share our new computer chair I found at Office Max.  It had me at hello!  Just look at that's WHITE!  Yippee!!!

You know how we bought another computer so we wouldn't have to share?  Well, now we are fighting over that chair!   It's so comfy!

So that's what I've been up to today.  Trying to catch up on the little things.  
I am having that dreaded test this week, so prayers for me please.  Our little family sure has been through the ringer with our health.  My sweet Hannah is having some issues again, please pray for her too please.  Heck, just pray for all of us....we all need it, wink wink.
I pray for all of you to have a blessed week and that all of you stay safe and well. 
 God is so very good!


  1. The cabinet in the hallway looks like it was custom-made for that space, and I love the new wall sconces. You're your mother's daughter in wanting to hide cords--I couldn't even spot them. I know that you're loving that white desk chair. You can come tinker here whenever you want. :)

  2. That cabinet fit just right and I love the chandy! The office
    looks so sweet.

  3. I recently discovered your blog and you are absolutely inspiring, I was wondering did you sew all your lovely sofa slip covers or were they purchased? Thanks keep the gorgeous posts coming :)


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