Monday, May 18, 2015

What a difference a color can make

For months now, I have been contemplating on painting our front door.  It has been black for years and after replacing the door knob and lock, it looked a little shotty.  A few nicks that showed the previous red,  just wasn't appealing to this shabby chic gal.  I love distressed, but it has to be the right colors.

Also, see how the door get's lost?  That kind of drove nuts!

It's like it wasn't really there...

And of course when it is open, I really didn't like how dark it made this corner even with the light coming in.

Now look at the difference!  I think it gives that cottage welcome, don't you?

I had to lighten this photo to actually see the wreath.  Now look at the after...

Look at how it can be seen is really one of the prettiest wreaths I've had on this door!

I lightly distressed the door to let the black come through.  
Oh how I truly love this door now!

And I think Louis approves of it too.

After rearranging the living room, I knew I had to paint that door.  It just didn't go with what I call my Easter colors.

So that's my little project for Monday even though the door took 3 coats of paint, lol!  Shew, I don't think my knees can take much more....

Thanks for visiting and until next time, have a blessed week!


  1. It fits the color scheme perfectly, and now that sweet wreath pops!

  2. Looks great Melanie. So pretty.

  3. The door looks so much better now <3. If I may say,I would paint the shutters white also.
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Lovely Melanie. Have a lovely day! Jo

  5. It looks great, Melanie! Love it white! xoDiana

  6. Just lovely! "Better Homes & Gardens" worthy! Your home & decorating skills are phenomenal! I just recently stumbled across your pictures on Pinterest...I was so excited when I saw that you have a blog...of course, I had to sign up! Viewing your blog & photos is a quick fix for my blues!

  7. It's beautiful and the wreath looks so much different... Nicer on the white.

  8. Beautiful! What type of paint did you use?
    I have 2 doors (wood) and they need a face lift... very old doors, which I love, but they are stained and do not match with my dark wood (laminate) floor.. I love stained wood as well, but it just looks awful. . Looks like a pine,/gunstock color stain..
    I repainted my side door last yr, and maybe I used the wrong kind of paint, (scrathes, peeling at bottom corner..
    Any suggestions I appreciate!


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