Sunday, July 13, 2014

God is so GOOD

Hi all, hope your weekend has been good to you.  I thought I'd share a little of my past week.  First, a sweet blog friend had me over for a visit.  I hope you'll go for a visit at her place, Pamela's home is gorgeous and she is one talented lady!

From My Front Porch To Yours 

I started new meds for my fast heart rate and am feeling much better.  I was getting a little antsy so one night I sat in a chair and started painting this black armoire.  The more I painted, the more I wanted to continue!

I suspect the last person that painted it had used spray paint in an enamel.  There were runs everywhere on the door.  I tried sanding, but it wasn't making a bit of difference. 

So instead of trying to hide them, I distressed to make them stand out even more once painted.

I like how it turned out.  Definitely gave some character.

I took apart the glass knob and painted the metal part white.  I love how it really lightened up the knob!

Slightly distressing the whole piece, it just made my heart happy to see all of the imperfections coming through.

It turned our perfectly...but sadly my oldest daughter didn't want it and I had no room for it anywhere.  It was a hard decision to give her up, but at least a dear sweet friend has her now so I can at least visit!

Then I turned my attention to our oldest daughter's car and the headlights.  They were so cloudy and dim at night.   I had heard about the headlight restorer kits on tv, so I visited our local auto store and bought some.  The brand I bought was Meguiar's Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit for around $25.
Just look at the difference!

Like new again!
So much cheaper than buying new headlights....

So as the week went on, I kept feeling better each day.  So yesterday (Saturday) we all spent the day together and went to the movies, dinner and then to visit Aunt Judy at the hospital.  The sunset was so beautiful and the moon was HUGE as we drove home.  Such a perfect day!  One of the funniest highlights was how the hubby's beard was curling....he crazy!

I have to add,  for those that may be on a low sodium diet as I am, it is hard to find places to eat out at that actually have low sodium dishes.  We decided to eat at Bob Evans thinking I would yet once again have to order another salad....but to my surprise, I discovered the salmon dinner ( plain baked potato, a huge plank of pink salmon and broccoli) was low in sodium.  With a little sour cream and shredded cheese, it was the best dinner!  I am thrilled to finally be able to eat out now without having to eat rabbit food, lol!  And, the best part was with it being so low (under 200 mg of sodium), I was able to order dessert!

So thanks all for the continued prayers...they have worked wonders for all of us.  God has been so very good!


  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better. I went through the cardio tests and I am on a beta blocker. It does help. I love the armior transformation. Love the way the black shoes through. Lot of hard work, I'm sure.

  2. Hi Melanie,
    So glad you are starting to feel better. Love the family outing photo. Looks like you had a great evening and found a good dinner to enjoy. Love the armoire it looks awesome.

  3. Hi Melanie, I like your sweet painted armoire. Good job. Glad you had a wonderful evening with your family. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I love the painted armoire, I really want to paint mine but I don't want to have to empty it and drag it out side. The joys of having to much stuff and no energy to work with it lol. Have a blessed day and keep finding God's greatness in everything!


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