Friday, March 21, 2014

Swapping Tables

Everything I do seems to end up with me swapping something out with things that I buy to re-do.  I get an itchy feeling to create at times, so I scan the local FB yard sale sites for furniture I can afford and then paint or do something different to it, then get rid of it.  
But like most always, I fall in love with it and cannot for the life of me part with it!

I bought this table separately from the chairs thinking they would look perfect together.  But when I started painting the table, my eyes began to see hearts.

I noticed when going through my photos, that the same time a year ago I was painting another table.  I've noticed this a lot with me.  I seem to do similar things around the same time of year, isn't that odd?

Anywho, this little table turned out so pretty and was snapped up as soon as I listed it.  I had thought originally about doing something similar like this to the new table.  
I finished it and fell head over heels in love with the size, the plain white color with distressed edges and knew I was keeping it.  
What was I going to do with my pink and white table that I loved?  No one was going to want a pink table....

So I decided to list it anyways, giving the option on painting the top white and see if someone would take it.

No sooner than listing it, someone "wanted" it!  Thanks goodness!

I was so happy and sad at the same time.  But doesn't the table and chairs look great together?!

And here is the new/old one.  The perfect size for my little family of four.  So much more room!!!

The island gives additional seating for those holiday dinners and I am storing away my two cane back chairs for additional seating for extra guests.  So it's a win win for me!

I like how I can see the mantel better and can actually walk around the entire set without moving anything.

Plus, my china cabinet has more room to be seen too.

I was so attached to my pale pink one and didn't think I could part with it.... but I'm really happy with the white top the way it is.

I know the photos may make it look small, but actually it measures 48 inches...almost 10 inches wider than my other table.  But where it is round, it really saves on space!

This Mama is HAPPY!


  1. Love it! Everything--the rug, the mantel, the china cabinet, AND the table--shows up to their advantage. Can't wait to have a meal here. :)

  2. So Pretty! I love your new round table. But I also loved your old one as well.

    Amy Jo

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Then again, so is everything you do :)

  4. Everything so pretty and shabby. Your home is very sweet

  5. So pretty! But then, everything you do IS :)

  6. Sooo very pretty, your home is gorgeous!


  7. Your new table is so cute! I think it is fun to change once in awhile. I love your old table too--makes me think I might like a color on the top of my table :)

  8. I do that too! I love changing things out. Just makes everything seem new..I did love the pink one though...whoever got it was really lucky. Good job Mel!

  9. Everything looks just beautiful Melanie! I love your new table!


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