Friday, December 14, 2012

~Our Christmas Kitchen~

I thought that I'd share with you my finished slipcovers and our kitchen for Christmas.
   This is where our girls will be making the Christmas cookies, soon!
Recently I made some white slipcovers for all of the chairs.  I had pink, but was wanting white since it seemed to be the theme for Christmas.  I loved how they turned out!
The table was made simple this year....leftover ornaments with little touches of some clippings from our evergreens.  And of course the centerpiece is my absolute's all about Jesus!
This little china cabinet was my grandmothers....I called her Mammaw.  She passed last Christmas, so this piece will always be special.  The story about how she saved to buy this along with the dishes(which I have stored away in a special place) is just so dear.
And my kitchen window....

I found this little joy plate at Home Goods....I didn't get it on my first sighting.  But when I went back, there was only two.  It really means a lot to me since the husband was laid off from work.  When I cook dinner, I really think about how much Joy we really have....we have each other!

My oldest daughter had this bracelet that was just sitting in her jewelry box.  I loved it so I took it!  Doesn't it look lovely on this candle?

I didn't buy any of this except for the pink ornaments.  It's just simple this year....and I love it!

Last year I painted the "Merry Christmas" in pink.  The little tree holds gingerbread ornaments and personalized snowmen.

Old jars are wonderful for making these jar lights.  Not a penny was spent there! 
And there ya have it!  I'm loving all of the white and I sure am hoping that my little "Let it Snow" signs that I have everywhere will do the trick!  I am so wanting a white Christmas!


  1. This is beautiful! Love the bracelet on the candle. Your photos are pretty too.

  2. I love your entire home it looks so wonderful!!

  3. You have my taste exactly! If we were looking to purchase a home in the States, in your area (wherever that is), I would want your house, FULLLY furnished, lol!

  4. The white is so pretty and peaceful Melanie :-)
    Luv it all.. the bracelet on the candle is darling.
    Cheers, Gee

  5. Everything is just beautiful--I want to move in :)!

  6. Melanie- That is one of the prettiest white Christmases I have ever seen anywhere. I love everything you have done. It looks so peaceful and calm. I am praying that your hubby finds a new job- xo Diana

  7. Melanie,
    It is all so beautiful. I too love the bracelet on the candle!!! Love it all

  8. Just beautiful, Melanie! I love everything you've done and even better that you used what you already had. Love the simplicity of the jar lights. Your slipcovers turned out great! I put the white chair seat slips I made this year away for Fall/Winter, but I do like the white slips I've been seeing in people's Christmas pictures.

  9. Your home is just gorgeous..... all the finest touches are beautiful! You really did an amazing job on everything.... love, love, love it all. I just can't get enough of people's homes in whites and some pinks.... it gets my attention every time.


  10. Your home is so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing ~ it is so inspirational. 'specially with all you are going through with hubby being laid off! Merry Christmas!

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