Tuesday, November 13, 2012

~A Sweet Old door~

It all started with a door that my oldest daughter and I carried up from the garage one day.  I had purchased it on one of the many facebook yardsale sites that I follow for $20.  I had seen in a magazine a wall built from three old glass paned doors like this for an entry...so I knew I could do something with it.
As it leaned in the corner, my mind began to think...I have always hated that opening behind the door because it is short and is an awkward space.  Years ago, my sweetie and I had built the bi-fold doors for it so the girls could keep their backpacks and such.  But as I just said...it is an awkward space.  It gets a  little tight there sometimes with the main door, the armoire doors and the closet doors...always closing one to open the other.
So to the hardware store I went.  This is what I came up with...  I bought a dual door track for a glass sliding door.  Since the door would be hanging, I needed to make sure there was a little lip for the wheels to stay in.  Making sure the door did not fall forward. 
Then the work began...I ripped off the old molding and added the new wider molding.  (I now wat to replace all of our door molding with this stuff, but that'll have to be later!)  I want to mention...when cutting aluminum, you can do it with a jigsaw but always wear your safety glasses.  So much easier than with a hacksaw.  Then the sweetie installed the track inside the door jam with the rest hanging out to the right.
We added a 2x2 at the bottom of the door for added height.  Then installed the wheels. 
After installing the wheels on the inside of the door at the top for the track, I started painting.  Instead of adding fabric to the backside of the door, I thought of spraying the glass with the frost spray.  But I knew it would show shadows of all the junk in the closet.  I knew the fabric would get caught while sliding so I opted to paint the glass.  I've done it before so I knew it would work.  It lets the light come through and I think it works lovely with my Christmas decorations.  I might just leave the light on like a decoration itself!
It slides perfectly behind the armoire and the door knob acts as a good stopper. Now the space is more open...no more worries about all those DOORS!
Now I'm off to try and finish my Christmas decorations...that is if I don't think up another project.....


  1. Beautiful! And what do you mean "finish" up your Christmas decorations?! I haven't even started mine yet! WOW!

  2. You are so creative--it looks great! Thank God for husbands that are handy too :)

  3. Melanie- What a really great idea. It looks wonderful and is SO functional! xo Diana

  4. What an absolutely perfect solution to a funky space!

  5. Now that was clever girl. Look at your blog how pretty it looks. I have not been over in too long:)

  6. Hi Melanie, I saw you over at Debbiedoo's and I LOVE your shabby chic home! I am your latest follower! Hope you and your readers check our my blog too :) www.mendezmanor.com

  7. Wow you have talent! I love the door idea:)


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