Thursday, March 27, 2014

Out with the OLD

We finally tackled the old fluorescent lighting...YAY!!!

Here's what I had to deal with on a daily basis....Bleh!!!

Not to mention the color of the lighting no matter what type of bulbs we bought.  Believe me, I've tried them all!

Look at the difference in the color between the two.

The light in the back was installed the other evening and became a longer job than anticipated since it was tied into another light in the closet.  Thankfully, it was no big deal other than having it wired a little wrong...OOPS!  My brother in law came to the rescue and showed me the error. 
Easy peasy....

The next light was up in about an hour...not too bad after the other one.

After a little bickering between the both of us with the other light, we worked out the next one with ease and even had a little bit of fun.  

If you look at the photos, you'll see the fluorescent light was up high so we had to come up with some way to brace the light and bring it down to the ceiling tile.  The metal braces are wonderful!  Safe and easy to install!  I attached  two pieces of wood to the floor joists  then attached the metal brace along with the electrical box down on top of the ceiling tile.  Then brought the electric wiring in on the side and secured it.  Then that's where the hubby stepped in and finished the rest.

I normally do not like showing the ceiling, but the lighting is so much better.  I bought a 2 pack light kit at Lowes for under $22.   My kinda deal!!!

I think they are pretty!

Not bad for the price are they?

And so much brighter!

I had originally planned on leaving the fluorescent light in the closet, but now I have changed my mind with how much brighter these lights are.  So I have one more to do then I'll be done!

Next up is to paint the ceiling and put up crown moulding.  Shhh, I haven't sprung that one the hubby just yet so let's keep that a little secret for now.


  1. That looks a lot better. You are such a DIYer :) I never attempt anything like this--I make my husband do it all :) I didn't know you painted upholstery with homemade chalk paint--at least I don't remember. Maybe I am losing it--did you do a post on it?

  2. So nice relooking ! The light is always important in a house to make it like a sweet home !
    xoxo from PARIS


  3. SOOO much better! Love that chair too♥


  4. Sweet Melanie, I bought the same fantastic lights at Lowes; what a bargain. I replaced 30 year-old kitchen ceiling fixtures with mine. They look gorgeous. Kudos to you for your hands-on work. I'm in awe of your talents, I had to hire an electrician. I look forward to your postings because I just love all your white. Hope you don't mind but I am trying to copy you and Sandy from the 'For the Love of White' blog. You are both such an inspiration! Hugs from Pat.


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