Monday, October 31, 2016

A Roof Over Our Head

Life has been super busy for me and my family.  As you all know, my sweetie is unemployed.  Losing his job seemed like such a bad thing but in reality, it has turned into a blessing...for now.  We've needed a new roof for the past year, but the hours he worked, made it practically impossible.  The roof needed repair in a few spots and we needed to address some issues in the attic that weren't accessible due to space.  Then a new roof could be put on....but until we fixed all of that, the new roof couldn't be done.  Of course our budget prohibited any hiring out to have it done. With our new time frame, we decided to do it.  We definitely need a roof over our head!

To finally get it completed and know that all is well, has definitely made us feel so much better!

I was so happy to say goodbye to the old black shingles and hello to the black metal roof!  I have fought with the colors of this house from day one.  I didn't choose the color combination and it's never made sense to me.  But my mom picked them out it and she loved the blue siding with black shutters and the tan brick.  So when we bought the house, I immediately began trying to make them work.  I thought about painting the siding since new wasn't in the budget.  Maybe painting the shutters a taupe would tie in the bottom?  Then I thought I'd paint the brick white.  But it always came back to defeating the purpose causing more painting.  Believe it or not, I'm tired of painting!

And then the day we had the new roof put on, it all finally came together!  It made sense and I actually saw something pleasing to my eyes.  I saw a cottage look that I've wanted for so long.  Then my head began to think when I saw the metal that was left over.  Nothing goes to waste at my house!

The side entrance by the garage door has always bugged me with no roof.  We had talked about making a little roof for just over the door, but water pours in and puddles on the floor.  
(the builder did a dumb thing by sloping the concrete making it lower than ground level) 
The brick wall has come apart in sections that was supposed to block water....another dumb thing.  So this is what I came up with.  

Look at that face...he wasn't happy that I put him to work.  But he sure is proud of how it turned out.  He said, "for it being leftovers and us not knowing how to lay a metal roof, it looks pretty good."

We built the roof inside the garage and then had our youngest daughter help us lift it up so we could attach it to the side of the house then add the posts.  Let me say....our muscles and backs were messed up after that!

But we did it!!!

What a difference it made!  And ya know, it actually feels bigger in that space bow.  Go figure!

Nice and dry and shaded!

A few years ago, I made this for over the back door.  It was so cute. but the fabric didn't serve as water resistant.  I had always wanted to put a roof over to the other roof we made over our deck to allow us to walk out when it is raining.  But again, the time we never had, we couldn't do it.

So, guess what we did?

I know my husband just loves me so much, lol!  He and I put this up by ourselves...just call me muscles!

I would have loved for it to be the  total width of the deck, but we only had enough white fiber glass left over from another project to complete this.  So we made it 48 inches wide and 12 feet long.  

We tied it in to the other roof on the deck, making it nice and dry to walk out in the rain.  The posts may look like they are in the way, but really, they aren't.  We carry furniture and appliances through this door for upstairs, so we couldn't use a post on the end.  That's where we made a brace.

The back of the house gets a lot of sun, so when I painted it all white, it really helped to keep it cooler.  We could never use this space due to the heat until we added the roof.  Walking on the deck barefoot before painting, well, you scrambled to the shade before your feet would scorch to death!  I never got around to painting everything this summer, so please over look the chippy paint.

Later, I will add posts to take place of the picket garden fence.  That was put up hastily to keep Bella off of the deck.  She chewed up everything in sight!

Now, with the shade, I have more space for flowers!  These have done so well all summer long.  Now that the temps are getting low at night, it won't be long before they die.  But aren't the pretty?!

Did you notice the  huge ferns out front?  I recently started working at a golf resort, and after a wedding had taken place, they gave us 4 of them!  Talk about a perk!  Shoulda saw me and my daughter bringing them home in her looked like a jungle!

My hydrangea bush has bloomed so much, these are the last blooms, I'm sure.  I'm so glad they have stayed blue!

I apologize for talking your heads off, but I feel like I haven't shared anything with you all in so long.  We needed to catch up!

I'm starting on my Christmas decorations tomorrow.  With my work schedule, I won't have all of the time in the world like I used to. 

I pray all of you are healthy, blessed and loved.  I know I sure have been even after what has happened.  Have a blessed week and hope to talk to you, again, soon. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Christmas is On My Mind

I seem to be passing Halloween and Thanksgiving by this year....I've never really been into Halloween other when the girls were little.  I love Thanksgiving but not the fall colors for decorating.  So, that's why Christmas is on my mind.

Crafting tends to get in my blood around this time, I think it may be a nesting type of thing we women have.  

A few years ago, I made snowmen ornaments from light bulbs.  I love making and selling them for some extra Christmas cash for gifts.  Mom always made things to sell, so I guess I'm following in her footsteps.

This year, Santa has arrived to join the snowmen!

Shabby pastels make these unique to me since primitives are the popular thing in my neck of the woods.  I'm an oddball....

Just a few that have come to life so far.

Photos do not do this blue justice!  It has a hint of aqua but is the softest pale blue that fits into any shabby style.

I'm like that dog know, that spots the squirrel while playing ball? My mind races with ideas and my hands can't move fast enough!

I love making stockings!  This white one is my fave...I bet you are shocked, lol!

I'm kind of digging this one in the natural with the little Santa that matches.  I thought this would make a great  co-worker or a last minute gift.

The little details are what catch my the buttons, gimp and Santa's beard.

My kitchen looks like someone let off a bomb of craft supplies.  Light bulbs hanging from the knobs on the cabinets, hot glue strings everywhere, fabric and thread all over the floor...oh, and dirty dishes!  Did I mention the house work gets skipped by when I'm in this mode?  

I found this lamp base at Goodwill the other day for $5.  It was black, but I fell in love with it and knew it would be gorgeous painted white!

I needed a little more height from the other lamp I was using, so this one was perfect!

Now I'm off to do some more painting and sewing while I have a chance.  I hope everyone has had a blessed Sunday.  Mine sure has been!