Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A little Trim Goes a Long Way

This weather we are having is crazy!  We have snow on the ground from a white out we had yesterday and last night.

You all know how much I adore snow, but this is getting old.  I am so ready for warmer weather!

Now on to what the hubster and I did the other evening.....we added some trim to our front entry door.

Here is the before:

It looked so plain and generic no matter what I did to try to spruce it up.  And the brass hardware wasn't helping either.

I looked at many photos on Pinterest trying to get some idea as to what I could do without spending a fortune.  I am a thrifty gal at heart so spending too much money really bugs me.

We went and bought some outdoor molding at Lowes to trim the door with after I came up with this design.  No mitered corners to match up was my goal!

This was after we finished it...the screw heads hadn't been patched yet and the door hardware had a fresh coat of silver paint which I didn't like.

And here, all finished the next day.  This project cost right at $50.  I spray painted the door hardware with white Krylon Fusion paint.  Much better and it seems like it will wear really well.  I'll have to wait until warm weather to paint the brass strip at the bottom of the door because it will not come off.

I loved my welcome sign, but it didn't fit anymore after adding the molding.  The applique' was the perfect size and a last minute purchase as we were leaving Lowes.
I really should get some form of pay for advertising for Lowes shouldn't I?  

I love this easy to work with and no chance of rotting or needing paint!

The new hardware made a huge difference from that old brassy stuff and the boxwood wreath adds simplicity with a pop of color no matter the time of year.

One more thing added to my ever growing list...add trim to the windows now.

I know my hubby just loves me.....


  1. What a difference....just gorgeous! Hugs, Penny

  2. Huge difference....I will have to show my hubby!!

  3. Wow Melanie this is awesome. I hope you feel that if someone steals your idea it is a form of flattery. LOL! I may just have to steal this idea for around my front door. What a beautiful impact.

  4. What a beautiful improvement, it just makes your front entrance more welcoming ;-)


  5. You are my hero! What an awesome transformation for just $50! Looks so great :D


  6. That looks GREAT. What a perfect solution. What do you mean it will not need paint or rot? Is it poly and not wood? LOVE it!!!! xo Diana

  7. Wow! That turned out so beautiful. Your husband is definitely a wonder...

    Amy Jo

  8. That door frame is really beautiful. It looks like a piece of art. And I love the wreath. There is just something about that bright green against the black door. You have made some amazing choices with your porch. And I really like the start with the sign hanging under it. What a way to welcome people to your home.

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals


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