Sunday, June 7, 2015

Boy, What a Week

First, let me explain that we are a cash and carry kind of family.  We pay cash for everything and if we do not have it, we do not buy it.  Our cars are paid for, we own everything but our home...still paying for that because we aren't rich, lol.

So here was our dilemma:  We gave our oldest, or should I say, we allow her to drive one of our cars.  It has been a great car and we have had it from the beginning so we know the history.  That in itself is a peace of mind knowing we don't have a lemon.  Of course, after many years, it is starting to need some work.  Her power steering pump went out so we had to take it to our mechanic.  We normally do the work ourselves, but this entailed taking the alternator and serpentine belt off which made us a little nervous.
After getting and paying for that to be fixed, we had another problem.  The power steering was going out again.  So, back to the mechanic.  This time, we found out the rack and pinion was leaking very badly.  That meant a new one which was more $$$...lot's more!  If you know anything about cars, you'll know how expensive these things are, especially the cost of labor. 
We have been planning a vacation that we are paying cash for.  A 6 year long over due vacation!  Our daughters are so very excited, then this happens!  Our oldest could have cried as we sat at the garage. But she said her make up was too expensive to do that, lol.
Well, long story short...we came home and I began to work feverishly all the while I was praying.  I knew God would take care of the problem...He always does.

I absolutely love my ex brother in law!  He has brought me so many things where he does construction on the side...all for free!  Sometimes I wake up and there are nice little treats in my how sweet is that?!

He brought me this hutch and I knew I could make it into something cute and different.

Now look at how cute it turned out!  Especially that fantastic guy holding it up for me...isn't he adorable?
A bench and a shelf for an entry or whatever someone could dream up.  

Then after taking our oldest to work, I spotted this on our way home. 
Sitting by the curb for free!

A little damaged on the arms, but other wise in excellent working order!  Very comfy too!

I made a slipcover for it from a painters cloth I had bought and never used.  First time I've ever used one for a slipcover.  I plan on doing it a lot more!

Just look at the transformation!  

We've sold a few  things and are 

to having the amount we need, lol!  And we are going on vacation!!!

I have painted all weekend long, worked in the garage until wee hours in the morning like Santa's helper.  Louis has been right by my side the whole time.  The good Lord knows that I truly adore this cat!

Matter of fact, I was sewing and turned around to find him lounging behind me...Guess I wore him out from running up and down the stairs all day.

I had this fame in the garage without a mirror.  it used to be navy blue when I first bought it.  Of course, everything I bring home gets painted white.
I had an old mirror in a chipped frame and it was the perfect size for this frame.  Then after completing it, our youngest said she wanted it in her room.  With her white walls, it just didn't look right.

So, I painted it once again!

The perfect shade of aqua!  

See how the navy pops through with the distressing?  Perfect!

She loves it and so do I!

It all stemmed from this piece, though.  Neither of us were thrilled with the color so I painted it first then had the brain storm about the mirror.

Now isn't this much softer and prettier in her room?

The dark color worked perfectly after doing some distressing on it as well.

We both have had fun finding things to add to this bookshelf.  
Now, it's time to enjoy the real thing...look out BEACH, we are coming soon!

Like I said, God always works things out if we only call out to Him.  He's there waiting like we as parents do with our children.  I am so very blessed to be His child and to be able to call upon Him night and day!

One more thing I must add, Hannah is feeling bad again.  We had an X-ray on her back Friday but of course no Dr is in on the weekend so no answers.  Please pray for my girls....I just want them to be healthy and happy.

Have a blessed week and don't forget to thank God for His wonderful blessings even if they are small.  They are great as long as they come from Him!