Saturday, March 31, 2012

~Happy Birthday in Heaven~

April Fool's Day...a day that was always special beside's playing tricks on someone.  It used to be my Mammaw's birthday.  Such a beautiful woman inside and out....

This was her last birthday here on earth.  I remember this day so well, she was acting like a cat peaking through some grass with a sneaky little grin and a twinkle in her eye.  I can still hear that little low chuckle as we tried to capture the moment with the camera.

She absolutely loved her family and we all loved her!  The faith that she had through all the trials that she had encountered in life was amazing.  No one in my life have I ever witnessed this at all.  People that knew her have said the very same thing.  So I'm not being partial....

She was always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.  If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be here today.  She practically raised me.  I lived with her until I was eight and then every summer, holiday and weekend I spent at her home.  There was no place like Mammaw's!

She was such a hoot to be with.  Always ready to go, go, go!  I remember as a girl shopping with poor little legs couldn't keep up.  Now I do the same thing to my girls, lol!

Sitting on the front porch was such a wonderful place to be.  Cool breezes and lazy afternoon talks, some really special memories were made there.

Christmas's were so special...she was so happy to give to other's.  Just look at her expression as my oldest daughter was opening her full of joy and happiness!

Even Sara knew how special Mammaw was.  When she was born, Mammaw and Mom came to take us home.  I had to go the ladies room when Sara began to cry.  When I rushed back in the room, Mammaw was sitting with Sara rocking and just smiling so sweet.  Sara was sound asleep.  I knew then that my girls would know her the way I had known her.  How happy that made my heart!

Sara and Hannah were always so tickled to be with Mammaw.  I think they knew they had her undevided attention..... 

Such sweet love!

These were the last photos of us taken together the day of her last sister's funeral.  This was a few months after I came home from the hospital from sepsis.  Mammaw had came to my home after I had come home and when I went to help her in, she just cried and hugged me.  She was so happy that I was alive.  I know her prayers had a huge part in that.

Mom, me and the girls went up for the weekend to spend with Mammaw about a month  later.  It was the beginning of December and I had already gotten all of my shopping and decorating done...something I never get done that quickly.  I just felt the urgency to do it quicker than I normally did.  That weekend, I told Mammaw that I would do her shopping for her since she couldn't get out.  She loved making sure that all of us had presents.  That night, we stayed up until 2am having our special talk.  I am so glad we did!  That Sunday when we came home, Mom and I went and done all of Mammaw's shopping.  We we're so happy with all the goodies that we had found and knew Mammaw would love seeing everything when we took it back to her before wrapping.  Sadly we never got to do so...that Monday, Mammaw had a stroke and in a weeks time, left this life leaving us all with broken hearts.  Christmas would never be the same!  And my life without Mammaw began.....

So Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mammaw!  We all love and miss you so very much.  Not one day goes by that I don't think of you and in my dreams I hear your voice and see your sweet face.  I know we'll see eachother in Heaven and what a day that will be....when I put my arms around you and give you a big ole kiss on the cheek once again!

~I love you Mammaw~