Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not the Right Size

I found an old solid wood door at Habitat that must have been a waiter door at one time that was in excellent condition.  The paint was in perfect shape, actually the perfect color but the brass plate up above where a door knob would go made me scrunch my nose.  I have spent lots of money trying to replace door hardware from brass to nickel these past few months...I sure wasn't back tracking!

Not to mention the brass plate on the bottom.  But other than that,  it was the perfect measurements and least I thought so.

When we got started to replace the old master bathroom door, I measured it and found that it wasn't what the sticker had stated.  I didn't have my trusty tape measure with me so I had to rely on it being accurate.  Next time I will have my tape measure!
So our brains began to up the door jam!  So off to Lowes I went for a piece of door jam.  SIGH....It turned into a project that took 2 days!

But worth every second of it!  Sorry, I didn't take a photo of the original door.  It was a mobile home door that we had given to Mom's husband to use  here.  The garage was supposed to be his work area so it didn't really matter to him I guess.  Many years later, a divorce and us buying the house from my mother, I couldn't stand that door any longer!

We have six panel doors throughout the house so this made sense to me, plus it being solid and old had me there too.  It looks perfect!

Well...if that wasn't a headache enough to fool with, I then thought that the make-shift closet area that I made for the hubster's stuff looked plain.  See the cornice to the right?  That is our walk in closet.  I wanted to make another piece to tie into it but sure didn't want to ask my sweetie for anything else after that goofy door...but I did. lol   So I got some wood from the garage, measured and sweet talked him into ripping it for me.  I can do simple, short cuts, but a skill saw on a long piece intimidates me a little.

Tadah!  Not too shabby is it?  I took down the metal bird brackets I had hanging a little further out and put them here.  I made the curtains and put them up, not puddling in the floor as bad as they were.

I wanted something up above, so I decided on tea cups.  I know, not really what most would think of for a closet.  But remember, my china cabinet is right at the entrance so it ties in nicely.

I am quite to replace that fluorescent light!  I'll be working on that this week hopefully.  I bought two to do the other one also.  You all say a prayer for me that I can sweet talk you know who into hopefully helping me and that we don't bicker.  wink wink


  1. I do wish that I had taken pictures of what this entire basement looked like before you Melanized it. It was one big open space, set up as a garage and with an area for woodworking and other projects. Even after it was segmented into an extra bedroom and walk-in closet, it doesn't come close to comparing with what you've accomplished. It's hard to pick a favorite spot in your home, but I think this downstairs master bedroom is pretty close to #1. The "new" bathroom door fits perfectly into your overall scheme and the additional cornice ties everything together beautifully. I agree wholeheartedly with switching the lights and can't wait to experience it all in person!

  2. Praying that the sweet talking works. lol I love that old door and would have bought it, too. And that Kris over at JunkChic sure loves her doors, too. Your home looks more lovely each time I pop in. xo Diana

  3. Another lovely project! Thank goodness you have such a willing handy husband, as carpentry work can get quite costly. Love seeing all your projects. Now please tell me where did you get that lovely script Family sign on the wall? Another Home Goods find?

    1. Thank you and yes...another Home Goods find years ago. My family means so much to me so it is super special.


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