Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Fall Home

I'm a little late I guess to the show....I have procrastinated about decorating for Fall because I am not a lover.  If the leaves were all pink and the pumpkins were white...I'd be happy!

However, I do love making our home festive for the here goes...

This photo was taken with my phone...sorry for the blurriness.

Our side entrance...always a hard spot to make pretty.

It's tight quarters....

Everything is wilting and dying away so I pulled out all of my flowers and added some leaves and sunflowers with some corn and pumpkins.  It'll do....

I love this little wagon!  I bought it many years ago at a craft fair we were doing.  You know how it always see something someone else has that you want.

I need some pumpkins here...maybe...and I love my sign!  It was from my primitive days...

I've had these decorations for so long....the only thing I bought were the fodder shocks and sunflowers this year.

Mom had bought this little crow a long time ago and I ended up with it.  His little hat has seen better days, but I think that adds character.  My Aunt Linda gave me the wooden leaves and I thought they would add so much extra to under the welcome.  Lots of special memories I have....

Out by the pool looks so drab and yucky now that the pool is closed down.  I do love my mums....and they smell so good!

This is my favorite!  I love how it makes me feel all welcome and cozy....I sure hope that's how my visitors will feel!

Such an old little wreath..but I do still love it.

The hubby had brought me home the flower arrangement of wild flowers and they all dried perfectly...I just added the sunflowers to it.  It's in a mason jar...he's always so sweet to me.

Coming up the stairs...a nice little welcome and a reminder of how blessed we all are.

I have plans for something over the garage door....I'm hoping to work on that next weekend if my sweetie will help me.  I'm so excited!

So there ya have it...Our Fall Home.  


  1. I think it's adorable Melanie.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  2. Melanie, everything looks so good - love all the decorations. You really did an outstanding job. I love the mums - they are always sp pretty this time of the year.

  3. It looks really, really great, Melanie. I expected all white decorations outside,too!;>) I love the bits and pieces of color here and there that you have..and that little pumpkin wagon and prim sign are wonderful! Love it! xo Diana

  4. So cute! I am not a lover either.... I still have yet to dig out all of my fall decor.... holding on to summer.

    Amy JO

  5. Your fall decorations are lovely! I know what you mean - I prefer white ad pink too, but the fall colors have their merits. Have you seen the new pastel pumpkins? There's a beautiful pale pink one and a gorgeous pale turquoise along with whites and pale peachy oranges. So pretty! Hugs, Leena


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