Friday, September 27, 2013

My Design on Updating an old Fireplace

I am finally finished with the fireplace I designed and made for a dear friend.

Those two ledges just weren't cutting it in this house!  After my friend painted the brick white, she was happy....but I wasn't.  I could just see this grand mantel as the center of her open floor plan.  So here's is what I did...

I designed a slipcover (something I love to say will fix any problem) to slide over those two ledges.  I had this plan all along in my head but luckily my friend let me run free and do it!  After many trips to Lowes, measuring, cutting, mitering, wood gluing and screwing...this is what it looked like when it was completed being put together.

Oh It looks good here...but just wait until you see it all painted!

She found the corbels at two different Lowes, so glad she found them too!  Aren't they beautiful?!

It still needs to be attached to the wall, but I am not a mason so I'll let the pros take that one on.


When you walk into the home, this is something that definitely makes a statement!  They have done so much work to this place, totally remodeled it!  Mike and I laid the floors and I have been a busy little bee working my little (teehehe, not little by any means) butt off doing all sorts of things.  I have been having fun!

We have had countless shopping trips and she has painted until I think she doesn't like to paint anymore, lol!
Hey, (as Si says) it has saved her money!
Something we all can use, right?

We shopped for all of her lighting and I made the shelf that is holding her mother's china.  Painting all of her frames sure have made a huge difference!

Something as simple as to putting the chairs side by side instead of the traditional way at all four sides makes a big difference on the look.  Adding a table runner made by Moi really tied in the white don't ya think?   Using all of her things and just redoing them in small and cheap ways really makes a person feel accomplished.   Could you imagine having to go out and buy all new?

Still needing that perfect photo for the large frame...but when she finds it I know it'll be perfect!

I especially love this room!  The mantel headboard I made is something I think I will be making again very soon....

So there are just a few things I have done for my friend..she's a hoot to work for!  Love her dearly!

Maybe when she feels up to it, she'll let me share her photo.  Once we are done, I'll be posting a home tour of her home.  Her daughter's room is gorgeous!  

Well, I gotta go and do some more sewing.  
You all enjoy your weekend, ya hear?!!


  1. I know that I should be used to it by now, but your skill at transforming things still blows me away! That fireplace surround changes the 70s look to over-the-top gorgeous and I'm SO proud that you did it all yourself. (Note to self: Tools for Melanie at Christmas.) The mantel headboard is beautiful, and I love the bedroom's paint scheme and beach theme. On a 1-10 scale, everything gets an 20 in my book. :)

  2. i just adore it all melanie! that mantel is so amazing! AND you did it yourself to boot!!......<3

  3. That mantel is gorgeous!!!!! And you did it yourself?!?!

  4. You did an awesome job with that mantle! I love the beach theme bedroom and what a beautiful wall color! Have a good weekend--happy sewing!

  5. Holy cannoli, girl, you can BUILD A MANTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome! Great job, I am sure your friend must be thrilled. I also wish you could come on over for a visit!!!!

  6. Супер камин!!! У вас очень красивый дом!! Желаю счастья! Анисса.

  7. Melanie her mantle looks amazing!Yes so much prettier than those two petite shelves!


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