Thursday, September 19, 2013

Well, I'm at it again

You all have to know that when I get an idea in my head, I do not stop!

A dear friend sent me a photo of this chest and thought I would be interested in it.  Well...she was right!!!

My jaw hit the floor!
She actually went and did some negotiating and got it for $100 for me, picked it up and brought it to her house for me to come and pick up.  
Now how nice was that?  I immediately made arrangements to come pick up ASAP!

Then her and her husband gave me this mirror...I was thrilled!

So I got my paint can out and went to town!

Now look at it...perfect!

Wanna see something even more beautiful?

It turned out just absolutely stunning!

Look at the detail and how it stands out so much better...big smile!

 I know the wood lovers are having a conniption right about now, but's my passion and my money, lol.  

So then I began to wonder where the heck I was going to put it!  I have all of our rooms full of  pieces that I adore and nothing was going anywhere.  
~Then it hit me~ 
(another sleep deprived thought)

Right here!  

This is what I had there originally.  This little gem was moved over by the chaise...I forgot to take a photo of it. (oops)  I was so excited...

 Oh I just love it!

Then I had to figure out where to hang that beautiful mirror..can you see it?

This began my wall of mirrors that I have been wanting to do for some time now.  The stairwell tends to be a little dark, so all of the mirrors work perfectly!  

I had fun going through my stash of goodies to change things up a bit.  I loved this little stool and it does the trick, small enough too!

I really do love my doesn't get enough attention in my photos.  It's one of the hardest places to take a photo of.

So now I am off to paint a few more things.  Oh, I did paint that applique above my stove pink and I love it!  It's been rainy and gloomy here the past few days, so when the sun shines again, I'll post some photos of it.

Bye for now, I'll be back shortly....


  1. Looks very pretty. I love a wall of mirrors!

  2. Sweet Melanie, I just LOVE your blog and it is always so fun and inspiring to visit you! YOU did awesome painting these pieces ~ you are so right ...the detail just pops now!
    Looking forward to seeing your fall decorating! ;)

  3. It is beautiful and I can see why you wanted it. Great job on the painting of it and the mirror.

  4. Oh- THAT is gorgeous! Just gorgeous and it fits that spot like it was made for it- xo Diana

  5. Melanie,
    That dresser was a steal and your transformation beautiful. I love it in that spot too. What a beautiful focal point. Great job my friend.

  6. Melanie your dresser is gorgeous! What a sweet friend to give you the heads up on that.And it looks perfect in your beautiful home!

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