Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A little spice added to the kitchen

It all started because of the opening over the stove was not center and had driven me mad for years!  Hanging things there just made me madder when I couldn't center them.

Look real close and you'll see how it is off.  Over too far on the right over the counter and over too far on the left over the stove.  
Drove me NUTS I tell ya!

So Guess what me and the hubby did?

He's my sweetheart because he loves me in my madness and helps me.  Even though we argue throughout, lol!

We added a spacer over to the right...see the wood in the corner?
There...now that's better.  If you listen hard enough you can actually hear me sighing and saying ahh...

Now here comes the part that I have wanted to do for years but couldn't because of it being off center.

I come up with the ideas and the MR builds it...now isn't that sweet?! 
(Well, we actually build it together)
He truly loves me!

See how we cut the moulding to come back in on those corners below the box?  Well, it took a couple of tries until we figured it out...but I love how it looks!  
Of course I still had some painting to do.

Can you tell that there is something else different?  
I changed the knobs too!  I am so in love with my kitchen now...I have my dream kitchen!  
I am still thinking of painting the  scrolly piece pink like over our sink.  What do you think?

I kind of like that idea...

I was finally able to hang my plates above the stove and center them...I love plates and couldn't be any happier with how it all turned out!

The new knobs and pulls made such a huge difference on lightening it all up...plus it goes so much better with the hood over the stove.

I love how they bring out more of the grey in our counters.  The other knobs pulled out the copper color speckled throughout and that was ok, but I love this so much more.

Looks better with the shabby chic look don't ya think?

I know to some this seems trivial...all for 2 inches and a decorated piece over the stove.  But to me, it was the stars and the moon!  Just ask my Mom, I bellyached about it for years!  The hubby didn't seem to remember...I think he tunes me out sometimes....

So there ya have it ladies and gentlemen...my madness continues...


  1. It looks phenomenal. You guys are such a good team. The new addition over the stove just, Wow! It really makes the kitchen look amazing. Great change out with the new hardware too. That little stuff does really add up in an overall look and feel. You got it perfect :)

  2. It looks wonderful. If it bothers you, it bothers you. Doesn't matter if it's two feet or two inches. I love your kitchen.

  3. It looks wonderful. If it bothers you, it bothers you. Doesn't matter if it's two feet or two inches. I love your kitchen.

  4. I would paint the scrolley pink! and it looks really good...he did a good job!

  5. I would paint the scroll over the sink the same chalked white as the cabinets! (But leave the shutters pink.)

  6. Just wonderful!!! I am like that... little things must be right or they will eat at me. The new hardware is fab as well.
    Hugs, Gee

  7. Melanie, You and your husband did a wonderful job with EVERYTHING. It is so much better, I get that way too if a picture or anything that isn't straight or lined up right.... it drives me nuts and I drive my husband nuts with that attitude. Girl, your kitchen is absolutely beautiful.... and so is your whole house. I'm telling you I would love to go inside your home and just FEEL IT if you know what I mean. LOL


  8. Wow, Melanie, another job well done, even if it was only something that you saw when you were in your kitchen all those years! The cupboards do look very nice with the new knobs that reflect both the bright light around all of the white, and the tones of cool silver or steel, which goes better with your colour palette. I would also agree that the scroll work you have now should be painted pink, but that is me, Miss 'Pink', who is hoping to prevent you from getting rid of too much more pink in your home! Actually, it would stand out and highlight it if it was not the same white as the background woodwork, and the pink would tie it in with the other pink accents like your plates above your stove now. Your kitchen looks so lovely, as usual! I do love the woodwork detail that you put above the stove, but I would now be as anxious about the top cupboard crown molding corners that overlap it on either side (instead of cutting them off at the line of the new detail)as you were about the two inches in difference!!Another great collaboration with hubby! Enjoy, Sherrey XOXOXo

  9. It looks so much better! That would have bugged the heck out of me too. I love the new decoration above the stove! Beautiful kitchen and I love the touches of pink!!


  10. IT looks beautiful. It would have driven me crazy too. Can't stand it when things are centered. the end results are terrific and i know you are so happy.

  11. i love it!.....and yes the non-symmetry drives me bonkers too...(our kitchen hood is like that too, like over to the right by like 2inches or so, but we've not addressed it or anything else about the kitchen as of yet, lol) and 2inches is almost worse than 2 feet off, because it's just that little smidgeon that is ALMOST RIGHT! ...and just makes my brain shove it over in my imagination with a good push every time i go in there too if i think about it, so i try not to look!....lololol.....that's the nicest thing about how guys can actually relax and not fret about stuff like that...dami just cracks up when i tell him how things like that really do get to me till they get fixed....SO FUNNY how you said mike didn't even remember you mentioning it! lololo.....but as usual, he does love you and knows YOU aren't kidding! lolol.....it looks so pretty and i thought your kitchen was perfect & gorgeous BEFORE THIS!....i love how your counters are gleaming in that one sink photo, it all looks so sparkly now with the new knobs, that added that affect!......i like the idea of playing up the new piece over the stove and doing it pink like your sink......i think it will accent the plates SO PERFECTLY, play them up so cute......i LOVE LOVE LOVE that new center platter too....susie ~ <3

  12. I never noticed it until you pointed it out. But I am like you if it was my house it would drive me crazy also. Your kitchen is beautiful, it's perfect. I think the scrolly would look good pink :) I really want to get on putting crystal knobs on my cabinets now, yours looks so good!

  13. I love this Melanie. So much prettier to look at and has beautiful character. You crack me up with your hubby. It sounds like my hubby and me. He will do my crazy but we argue through the whole process too!!!! I guess that is all being creative. It all comes out good in the end. Great job.

  14. Your kitchen looks beautiful! Isn't it funny how something so small can make us so crazy?

  15. Wow, it looks great Melanie!! I still think you and I are in a parallel dimension, lol. I have the same pulls, and just changed out the upper knobs to glass ones also. Now that I know how easy it is to take down cabinets, who knows what will happen next. It's just beautiful!!!

  16. I love that things like that irritate you because they do me too and I am always told I am being silly. It looks great now! Your kitchen is so pretty..just love it!

  17. What a sweetie your husband is - lucky you. Your kitchen is absolutely lovely! I am amazed at how a knob change can make the space appear so different - love the new ones. Enjoy your new "evenly centered " space!!!

  18. Fabulous job- Stuff like that drives me nuts, too. So glad you have an accommodating husband. You did a great job and I love the piece over the stove. I think pink might look kinda cute on the scroll...but I like it white, too. Have a great day-xo Diana

  19. Beautiful!!You have such a great eye!!!! Such talent...I love your home!!! xoxoxo

  20. You really do have an awesome husband! It turned out beautiful....as does all of your projects. I love the pink touches, so pretty.

    Amy Jo

  21. That is the crowning touch to your already beautiful kitchen :-)


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