Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The words really made me think just exactly what faith really is.  I know so many christians seem to think that once saved that life would be easy. 
It says that we'll have life more abundant, but definitely not easy.  
  All things are possible  through CHRIST. 
I think of what Jesus went through to give us 
What a precious gift He gave us!
I know in my personal life, things have been hard.  But I wouldn't change a thing because I had 
and knew that if God would let me come to that bridge, then He made a way for me to cross it.
It was up to me to do just that though life's struggles.

Those days, even months and years of being in the valley  I wouldn't wish on anyone.  But when I made it to the mountain, well then, that's where I wanted everyone to be!
I am so very thankful for what my 
has brought me through and continues to.
I will let my 
continue to grow and be thankful for the uneasy times because I know what He's brought me through.  And He'll do it again!
I am 
by the grace of God and I 
thank Him this EASTER
 for what he sent His only
 begotten son to do.

May you know the joy of serving  the LORD and may He bless you each and every day.  I know He sure has me...I'm alive and with my family!


  1. Wonderfully written,, Melanie. I do believe that those struggles make us stronger and stronger and stronger...even though we might be kicking and balking all along the path. I don't understand why some the things that have befallen me (or my family) happen but I do believe that God gave us the strength to deal with those things. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  2. Nicely written :)--I have faith to--makes life good! I always trust things will work out--an they always do.

  3. We know firsthand what faith can do. I am so proud of you, my daughter, for letting your light shine!


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