Friday, March 8, 2013

A New Bed for Guests

All finished!

 I think I am finally happy with the bed after 3 different ones in the past few years.  This room seems to be the catch all from leftovers, so I try to make them work in here.  

This is the bed that came from Sara's was too high and I didn't like that the headboard couldn't really be seen and the fact that it took up so much space!

This was another bed we had in here too.

We made a headboard to fit right over the existing headboard because it was a low headboard too.  But this bed took up way too much space as well.
So you can see how I just wasn't happy.

So that made me finally want to make the headboard that I had been really wanting to do and just go buy a bed frame.

I will say that I was irritated with myself that I had decided on 40 buttons when I started tufting....what was I thinking?!  I had to make them all too...but I am thrilled now that I did!

And I couldn't be any happier!  The headboard fits snugly up against the wall, the bed frame allows it to be snug too and no foot board!  

I know people will cringe with the door being right beside the bed, but this is how the room was designed, never intended as a spare bedroom.  I've had the bed in so many spots over the years, but this works so much better with the room layout and it's just for guests anyways.

I just love how it looks with the rest of the fits right in don't ya think?!

And now I really have the space for a chair at the end of the bed and still be able to walk over to the windows to pull the shades without crawling up on the bed or stubbing my toes.  It was the best decision!

I just love how it worked out in my favor!

See all of the space?  Believe it or not, I actually gained over a foot by not having a headboard or a foot board.

I had to move my "always kiss me goodnight" sign though...but I really like it over the door.  My guests can see it as the lay in bed.  This room is super private and the quietest room in the house.  Plus giving me an extra guest room making me have two!

The girls come back here every day and watch tv, play the wii or just it's their room too.

And everything stays nice and neat behind closed doors in the armoire.

This room really has a lot of's 10x20 so that may give you a clue.  Over the years it's been used for so many purposes.  It used to have a swing,  and a wicker table and chairs when the house was Mom's.  Then when we moved in, we used it for a playroom for the girls.  Then when Mammaw came home with us after a stay in the hospital, we added a twin bed.  That bed grew to a queen then to a full.  After buying the home from my mother years ago, we remodeled the whole house.  I am hoping to move the door one day though...and then it will be perfect!

This piece was moved back here from Christmas from the living room...I like it so I've decided to leave it for now.

It catches and holds some of my pink that I don't want anymore in the rest of the house.  Ergo the room that is a catch all.

I think I am finally happy with how it looks and functions...for now....

I'll be doing a post about how I made this headboard a little later this weekend.  I'm going to rest days and nights are all mixed up and I need to get back on track!  Hope you all have a blessed weekend!


  1. Looks great , comfy and oh so girly

  2. Oh Melanie, what a difference it made.... it turn out beautiful and so is the room. You really are on a roll big time... everything you do turns out so nicely! You are one busy lady that's for sure! I hope your home turn up in a magazine or something big.... you deserve it!


  3. Melanie, this is such a beautiful room! I love it! You did a super job on the headboard too.

  4. Great job on the headboard, Melanie! Kudos to you for doing all those tufted buttons! : ) This is such a lovely room; any guest would be in heaven spending time in here.

  5. I love this room--what a wonderful place for guests to stay! I love the headboard--I can just imagine how much work it is. That door looks like it leads outside? That is really perfect for a guest room. Thanks for sharing all the pictures--it is a beautiful room!

  6. I am in total awe of the room. I would be so comfy & cozy in there as a quest I can tell you have made sure of that. The style is divine and everything is soft and romantic. I love every single thing. The bedding is exquisite as well. And the chairs are they from Ikea? You are truly gifted and driven what an inspiration this room is.....

  7. Melanie- It is absolutely beautiful. Like a piece of fine artwork that you want to admire, study and enjoy. You did a fantastic job pulling it all together- xo Diana

  8. Hi Melanie,
    This room is gorgeous! I love it! You did such an awesome job!

  9. That room is absolutely beautiful!!!

  10. Very pretty Melanie.. Whew.. that was a lot of tufting. Well worth the work though.
    Hugs, Gee

  11. For a room that originally was designed as a sun room, it looks nothing like the original. I thought I was such a savvy decorator by having the swing and wicker table and chairs. Little did I know that one day it would be "Melanized" and over-the-top gorgeous. It's a perfect second guest room--private, quiet, and totally comfortable. Yep, I'm one proud mama!

  12. You have a very pretty guest room! Love the headboard too!

  13. Melanie
    Your guest room is beautiful. It is soft and inviting. I bet your guests wake well rested. I love the tufted headboard. So beautiful. Great job.

  14. I love your new headboard! I also love that you are still using pink. I love pink and I know so many are completely ridding their homes of the color...I will never do that have the decorating touch.

    Amy Jo

  15. What a pretty room! I know you must be thrilled, and I love the bed!

  16. Hardly looks like a catch all to me, LOL. Its really a beautiful space, so pretty, how will u ever get ur guests to leave?.....Bonnie

  17. If this is how great your guest room looks, I wonder how much lovelier the master’s bedroom would be. The bed looks really comfy; my wife would definitely love it! I also commend you for thoroughly thinking about the design and other elements in this room. Every piece seems in sync with one another!

    Michael Green

  18. Might you know/share the wall paint color you used in this lovely guest room. I like that it's soft, yet cheerful, DVD serves as a great backdrop for the other colors you used - especially the pink. TIA!

    1. I wish I could...all of the paint colors have been a custom match to something or another at Lowes. I will tell you the first swipe of paint I did on these walls made me think of dreamcicles that I used to eat as a kid, lol.

  19. I would have been thrilled with ANY of the rooms, but this one is definitely gorgeous!
    You are amazing.

    so many little details. love the idea of sheared/gathered fabric behind window too.

    thanks for sharing the beauty.

    be blessed

  20. This bedroom look so beautiful, I wouldn't mind living it the rest of my life!

  21. That room is gorgeous Ms Melanie! I am curious as to if you made or purchased the quilt? The theme of the room is exactly how I want to do my girls room (been in just the planning stage for about 4yrs..) but I ever could find the right quilt! Any suggestions would be great :) You have quite a talent. -KK

  22. Where did you get the quilt?? I've been searching for over a year for one like it!!!

  23. My mom used to have that beautiful comforter. Do you happen to remember where you purchased it?

  24. Oh my goodness, I've found the perfect room decor! If this is a dream, please DON'T wake me up! Melanie I just want to thank you for sharing these pics of your guest room. I've finally found what I've been looking for. Everything is perfect. I just hope I've got as much ambition as you when I start making some of the decor. Again, thank you so much for sharing!


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