Sunday, March 3, 2013

~Our Office Under the Stairs~

Our office area under the stairs needed a much needed face lift!

Organization was a pain, nothing seemed to flow right and I hated seeing the printer. We made a computer cabinet a few years ago because I hated seeing it too!  So it got me to thinking on how I could come up with something that would hide the printer, give us more storage and look pretty.  

So Sara and I packed into the Explorer and went to Lowes.  It was snowing and cold so I made Sara drive to give her some more experience with driving.  It was nice having her pull up front when I was finished and help me load everything.

Then we ate dinner once we made it home.  We didn't start working until after 6pm.  Mike was so happy that he was going to help me...not!  He complains every time, but does a fantastic job!
I came up with the idea of making this cabinet to fit on top of the existing one and moved the smaller one onto the desk to support one of the shelves that we installed.

I had originally wanted 3 shelves but decided 2 worked fine. Plus I really didn't want to buy anymore baskets.  Now I have a few pieces to take back and get some money to spend on something else...always a good thing!
I get so impatient and stayed up all night working while Mike slept.  His job was mine was to finish painting and accessorize...the fun stuff!

Now doesn't this look so much better with a coat of paint?

All finished!  I still need to get a latch to keep the door closed, but that'll be later when I feel like going out again.

I bought the baskets at Lowes, had the existing boxes that are on top and made the OFFICE sign.  I hung the chandy that I had made back in the summer over the desk and fell in love!
It all looks perfect but will function so much better.  Now we can grab what we need easily and hide what we don't want.  YAY!

I'm so happy with how it all turned out!  Now doesn't it look a lot better?  More organized....and pretty!

One more thing I almost forgot to mention.  We added to the desk top and made it from wall to wall and to the back of the wall.  Now it's a super huge space for all of our work and for just checking things out on the web.
Hope you all enjoyed my little I am exhausted! 


  1. As always, it looks great, Melanie! I love the way you maximized the desktop space from wall to wall, and went vertical with office storage. The chandy takes the place of all the 'before' decor, and makes the space look even better than before (and the before looked good!). Now, please rest!

  2. You have earned a well deserved rest!! What a great little area, I would be hanging out there all the time!!


  3. Love it, Melanie! I noticed the shelves first off and love the baskets. The cabinet worked out great to hide things you don't want to see like the printer. Love your signs ~ both the Nest and Office. Such a pretty and cozy spot for an office!

  4. It was lovely before you started this latest transformation (spoken by one who has used the space personally), but now it's perfect! Everything is handy but hidden, and there's room to spread out work papers. You and Mike make a good team, in more ways than one!

  5. Gosh, even your office is pretty! And you pulled an all nighter to get it finished! Man, I bet you collapsed after that one!

  6. Melanie,
    This is gorgeous. What a beautiful space for your office and so very organized. You did a great job. I think it came out so nice.

  7. Melanie,

    Your office under the stairs is stunning! I love the new cabinet and your chandelier...beautiful!

    Have a great week!

    Jan ♥

  8. Wow! You really have the touch...I have been working in my office and it is nowhere near as beautiful :(

    Amy Jo

  9. I love it-what a great use of space. It looks like a great little quiet area too...and so pretty! Love it :)

  10. Super lovely make up I LOVE IT :)
    Vintage Inspired Fashion by Independent Designers for Your Little darling

  11. Beautiful! I really love how this all came together! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  12. Sorry im so late getting over here, im alittle behind on my computer time, LOL. I love the new office..Quite often im pleasantly surprised by ur makeovers....I thought it looked perfect before, LOL. Love it now though...I wish i had ur head for organization.......Great job, Bonnie

  13. Oh, what a wonderful place to be - your office looks soooooooo must be a great joy to work here!! Have a wonderful day and thank you soooooo much for your lovely comment, that makes my day so much brighter.

    Hugs Jade


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