Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sweet Memories

When my Aunt Judy passed away, her daughter gave my Mother a piece of furniture that Judy had held onto since the passing of her late husbands sister, Francis.  I guess it seemed to be in bad shape to both of them because Mom gave the piece to me.  All I saw was how beautiful is really could be and visioned an island from the beginning.  I already had a kitchen island that my husband and I had built many years ago when we remodeled.  It was a pretty good size, but it took up too much space and made it hard to maneuver around during the holidays.

This shows the size pretty good to give you an idea of how big it was.

This is the cabinet that was passed down to me.

It definitely needed some TLC.  Sprayed with bleach, wiped down, painted with added new pulls, this is what it looks like now!

How beautiful it is to me...and what sweet memories I have to look at every day.

As I was painting the inside, I noticed a piece of paper lodged into the joists so I carefully pulled it out.  This is what I found...

It was  Valentine that Mammaw had given to Judy's sister in law, Francis from her and I.  I used to live with Mammaw, so that's why she signed my name and hers.  I sat in the floor and teared up, thinking of all the years that has passed and how this piece ended up in my home.  Now if that wasn't a sign that this piece was meant to be mine, I don't know what it was!

I turned the island another way which excites me now to be able to move it.  Just look at all of the floor space now!

We were able to re-use the old island top, just cut down and touched up with paint.  Not a dime was spent...I even re-used the pulls from the other island.

It is the perfect size too!

Remember the laundry room and that table I had in between the washer and dryer?  Well....

We used one of the cabinets in it's place.  I still had the aged bronze pulls stored away and used them.  Of course I painted them white with chalk paint.

And more that's always a PLUS!

I really do have lot's of sweet memories of my family throughout our home.  It definitely makes it ~Home Sweet Home~

And if you all are like me, one project always turns into many.  This plastic frame was so detailed and pretty after painting.  I've always has issues with under this I am pretty content now with this grouping!  Now I'm off to take a Sunday afternoon nap...I am one tired chick!


  1. Love everything that you did - the island looks really good. Love the laundry room also - wish mine looked that good. I need to set off a bomb in there LOL. Bur it's in the garage and the car never goes in there only all my stuff.
    Have a great week - sure love everything.

  2. It looks so beautiful...and I´m surprised how much more room you got now.Love the new look in your laundry room also and your so right...there is never to much storage room.Have a wonderful week.

  3. Melanie, That is the absolute sweetest thing. I could have cried myself thinking of the dear little valentine . You must safe that too. I love all you new little make overs. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Where do you get those area rugs in this post. They are so sweet💗

  5. The cabinet was meant for you....

  6. Melanie your piece is so beautiful and it makes is so much more lovely from where it comes from. Jo

  7. Wow everything looks so lovely. I especially like that you were able to freshen up a family piece and put it to good use.


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